Devs should Replace Wedge Formation by "No Formation"

Does anyone actually uses the wedge formation? I haven’t seen anyone use it in a long time.

There is one formation I really wish was in the game though. And would be really cool to add.

No Formation or Routed or Disorganized (Or any other more appropriate name)

How is it different from not selecting any formation?
It is very different because even in the default formation, all units are following each other. In this new formation, all units would move at their maximum speed and try to reach the destination as fast as possible, without trying to follow each other in a formation.

When would this be useful?
There are 2 situations I would really like to be have access to this formation.

  1. For defending raids.
    Sometimes i’d like to be able to quickly send units to defend a raid, and i don’t mind if the horse arrive before the spears. For example if you want to send a few horses and spears to defend against a few knights. You probably want the horses to arrive first to distract the knight, and then the spears can arrive later. Currently you have to select each group individually and send them individual. It would be much easier with this new formation as you could just select all, attack move, and click the hotkey for the formation.

  2. For retreating.
    Retreating your army is always problematic and unlogical, if you select your whole army and right click in your base to retreat, all units will try to stay in a formation and your most vulnerable units will move TOWARD the enemy instead of away from them. This happens for archers, prelates and siege units. They all want to be “behind” the front line so they suddently move TOWARD the enemy so that the melee units can be in front, and then start moving super slow so that melee units have time to go back to the front. This makes no sense for retreating, in a retreating situation you want all your units to move as fast as possible and not try to stay in formation.

What do you think? Do you think this would be much more useful than Wedge formation?
I think this would be such as Huge QoL improvement, especially for players with lower APM.

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I would like to see the Wedge formation give some slightly increased damage to charge attacks. Would add some nice additional micro capabilities to the game without making it obtrusive.

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I agree no formation should be a formation option

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I think the concept of formations is that they don’t affect stats, but are just pure tactical maneuver on the battlefield, and i think its better like this as they are more “true” formations without any stat change. Otherwise people would just stick to the formation that give bonus stat.

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