Devs, the pop limit of 200 needs changeability

As a player with huge ambitions while playing (Like hitting the pop limit and getting imp before attacking), I can say that the current population limit of 200 just doesn’t cut it. I want to spam men at arms and longbowmen, and I want to be able to spam them till my computer crashes. Having 200 pop limit ONLY, the only way to exceed it being with the Mongols and their Khan resurrecting while at the limit, feels very restrictive. I just can’t have the same feelings of power like I can in aoe2. This is why I propose you Devs make an option in the lobby to increase the population limit up to a max of, say 700. This would make the late game fights more interesting because I can have a massive unit composition. What do you say, Devs?


I’d like 220 pop but I’m still thinking hard


You can’t do it by modding?

I think in the PUP were already mods which increase population limit.

But they should integrate this to the core game like in AOE2.

The edit tool that is expected to be released today will have the option to mass out more units to your liking. This was also already in the PUP. Hence I don’t really understand this thread.

How about making the Pop limit scale to map size instead of players?

e.g. small map = 400 units max (200/player in 1v1)

huge map = 1600 units (800/player in 1v1, 200/player in 4v4)

With great population limit comes great need for high-horsepower computers. I think there should be an option to adjust it because sometimes I want to feel like I can crush the AI like a grape. And sometimes, people don’t have good enough computers to make it forced.

in the pup there was pop limit of 10000 - it was a mess. but you could do also other like 300 - and this worked pretty well.

so chill guys, for the patch to be released. should be today

I would vote for this, villager population is similar to previous games and some units takes more than one pop, I guess 220-240 would be a good change.

I’d like 1000 pop. limiting population and zoom levels because crappy game design isn’t good