Devs: USA Spanish immigrants announcement

Dear Devs:

Can I ask - why does the Spanish immigrants card announce to your opponent that you’ve sent it? I feel like it unnecessarily shows your opponent your hand. It’s a (relatively) expensive second card to send, and when I play against them I find that I can modify my build accordingly when I see it.

Please consider removing the announcement. Good scouting should pay off with countering that card as with other civs. It would make it a bit more viable!

Thanks for your consideration!
Spanish immigrants


I always thought that message was just from calling minutemen?

The same thing also happens with a songhai age up for hausa, which is good sometimes tbh

This happens when Hausa orders the big-button spawn for Raider cavalry as well. The message is kind of strange because this is a party of Raiders, not anti-Raiders!

The whole phrasing of the message is grammatically strange. It should be in your case “Bronchy’s town,” not “Bronchy town.”