Devs, we need an option to center the minimap like Voobly!

In classic AOE2 on Voobly, there is an option to center the minimap (and other ui components) that many if not most players used. For those of us with ultrawide monitors the map in DE so far to the right it is unusable. I also recall in an interview Cysion mentioned the UI would be customizable. How can we get it centered in DE? Here is an example of how far it is on my screen:


You can mod it urself by changing the X-axis offset of the minimap (this offset will depend on ur screen resolution so you’ll have to find that out for urself)


  • Start a single player game so you can see the minimap in realtime
  • go to (or wherever AOE2DE is installed for u) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\widgetui
  • open mappanel.json with notepad
  • in the first 10 lines u’ll see “width”: SOME_NUMBER_HERE
  • Play around changing this number (which represents the x-axis offset)
  • Save the file after a change and the minimap ingame should adjust in realtime
  • Find a number u can live with

Also you should save this file into a mod, otherwise it might get overriden by game :slight_smile:

omg omg omg omg omg YES!!! IT WORKS!!! THANK YOU!!!

How to move the control group icons over to the right hand side so they dont overlap the minimap?

Edit: It seems to be related to commandpanel.json, GroupButtons around line 2933, just struggling to get it to move over nicely.


Can you actually play like this? I can barely see anything I guess its my non ultra wide monitor… whats the distance between screen and your eyes?

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I can only think of playing in a setup like that if I were a double headed ogre-magi.

These extra wide resolutions are a bit more in the grey zone in regards to fairness imo since accuracy doesn’t suffer.

The main problem would be the off center information. L-R edge scrolling must be annoying, but you have to do this less.

Imagine a mod that would treat the middle of the screen as normal and have the 2 sides to look at only, then that would be the ultimate cheat screen. (I hope this never happens)

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Hi, how would it be to save a mod file?

I think, that this would work (have not tested):

  1. Find your local mods folder. Probably “C:\Users{username}\Games\Age of Empires 2 DE{userId}\mods\local”
  2. In local mods folder create “Centered Minimap” folder with subfolder “widgetui”
  3. Copy “mappanel.json” file into freshly created “widgetui” folder and do necessary changes in there
  4. Launch AOE 2 DE and enable “Centered Minimap” local mod from mod manager

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Do you think it is bad in a ultra wide monitor? try a super ultra wide monitor =( Thanks for this question!