I mean are you serious??? It’s such an important feature and many players left the game because they were aoe3 or aoe2 treaty players… Why didnt you even mention it in the distant future season map/ladder etc???

Please… ADD treaty mode!
tag any of the devs so they finally read this…

I liked all of the changes and I was really looking forward to read about treaty… and still no…

I dont know if this is sarcasm or not. Treaty Mode “such an important feature”?
Many players left because they are treaty players?
Afaik Treaty Mode didnt even exist in Aoe2 before Forgotten Empire and if you want this, its basicly not attacking for X minutes, you could have set up custom games.
Aoe4 has some issues and I would argue 99% of them are more important/urging than this.


its not sarcasm, it’s really important. As important as other features. It was there in aoe3 why not bring it in here??? I cant understand…

I also find the treaty mode an important feature. Many players don’t like the short rush games and instead prefer to face fully formed armies after a build-up phase. When you play online against players you don’t know, a verbal agreement is usually not enough. Most of the time, not everyone sticks to it and attacks take place before X minutes.


yessss!!! so the “you can set it in custom games” argument is absolutely a lie. they do not respect anything.



gone. reduced to atoms

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My man , treaty is important yes . But it’s a Quality of life change that will not come any time soon . The game has already a lot of problems to finally fix . And I’m finally happy to see the future of this game and we should be thankful .

Treaty is important for casuals like me . For those who want to play a more slow paced style . And I think it should be a really important thing in aoe4 , because AI attacks way to early and this could potentially help new players . But in the other hand Treaty is one of those Quality of Life improvements/changes that are not in the S tier of things to add to the game . AT LEAST FOR NOW .

Sigh. Nope , players didn’t quit because of this . Most of the playerbase did quit because of the lack of communication the game had and because the first 3 patches were horrible . And Maybe a 30% or the playerbase did left because the lack of certain legacy features wich the game really needed .

Ej : Color picker , Ranked , mod tools , map bans etc…

But I think that 60% of the playerbase did quit because the boring Siege gameplay .

Not because there were no treaty’s , In fact , you are the first person I hear in this forum to talk about treaty’s in a long time .

1º : They did a roadmap ONLY for the next 2 seasons , not the full development plan and then they did said about taunts and cheats , something wich I REALLY like to see , because it will change SP forever .

2º I REALLY don’t think that Treaty’s will be in Quick Match , and it will be only in customs .


So , it’s not the most important thing now , but I think it should come in a future .

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many ppl (including some youtubers) put aoe 2 player as their escapegoat for the culprit of aoe 4 playerbase decrease which again is dividing the communitty AGAIN.

We don’t need treaty. Just play custom games and setup a game with your friends.

Treaty has only done bad things for balance, see Age of Empires 3. Aoe3 balance was affected by treaty mode which ment the devs nerfed scaling effects because of how strong their are in 1 hour games, which means there is very little shipment variety as everyone goes for instant reward shipments over scaling shipments.

This does not belong in a game. Balancing the game is already difficult enough as is. I don’t want the devs to take away time balancing a non 1vs1 competitive gamemode. They already destroyed Fire Lancers because of Team games, this unit is unusable now. It was never an issue in 1vs1 and now its never going to be used anymore in 1vs1 because its stats are too weak for its high cost. Its not worth investing 1800 ressources into such a weak unit.

U are right mate. I dont understand whats the problem. Im 45 now and i play AOE since birth! I wont even buy aoe4 until they have treaty mode on it. Not mods. AOE3DE its still full of people playing treaty games. Maybe they dont want me to leave aoe3detreaty. :slight_smile:

You want a treaty queue, some people want a nomad queue, some want a regicide queue, etc… Plus people already complaining about the quality of matchmaking.

How many queues can we break the existing ones up into before we kill queue times and matchmaking?

Yea there’s to many at the moment. When they bring out a new dlc would be the best time. Aoe4 will be at its highest player rate. At the moment we would have to take a few away but you cant keep everyone happy.

Id like to see a quickmatch queue that includes maybe 4-5 game modes and can vote down 2 you don’t want to play and its either ffa or 1 team game, either 2vs2,3vs3 or 4vs4. Needs to be only one option and one queue. Then it doesn’t break the queues up more.

You could have
Empire wars
and couple more