Devs, Why Don't You Care About AoE I?

I love Age of Empires I, it was my first ever RTS game and I played it endlessly when I first got it and have tons of fond memories with it but the game hasn’t received an update in years and it really needs some polish. It doesn’t seem you the devs have any interest whatsoever in the game. Why don’t you care about the game that started the franchise?

Snide comment: You know your precious AoE II wouldn’t exist if AoE I wasn’t released first.
Snide meme:

Because of patch 46777, I’d say the devs do care and I think they just forgot about AoE I because of all the AoE II stuff that has been going on.


At least AGE1 has its pet (the community) which loves it. 11

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But that’s pretty much all it’s got. :worried:

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This community sucks compared to the others.

There are members in the AoE I community who would give up everything they’ve got to save the game, and I’m pretty sure that’s something the AoE II community can’t say.

Yes, because there isn’t really a community anymore. People only love the first game for nostalgia’s sake but not for it’s Definitive Edition. Apart from the better graphics/music/sounds, nothing else has been improved (rather worsened).

I still occasionally pick up and play this game. Age of Empires: Rise of Rome was the first Age game I ever played, so it holds a special place in my heart.

I certainly feel that the game needs better support with bug fixes at least a few times per year. The support given by Microsoft for this game has been very inconsistent. Since Microsoft is still making money on this game, that money should be invested back into the game.


Exactly same sentiments.


The farm situation was improved and the unit stances are always nice to have.


The unit stances are bugged though.

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The thing is, the community is so small because of how poorly the game has been handled. The release version was one of the worst I have ever seen, it felt like an alpha at times, the support has been slow and inconsistent and finally, the game has not been updated enough. Many more QoL improvements were needed, you cannot just remake a 1997 game in 2018 with only improved graphics/sound and hope that people will be fine with it. AoE 1 did not age as well as AoE 2 after all. No steam version at release also made it so much worser…

There is still the potential to grow the community, but the devs need to take the first step. If they don’t start by showing that AoE DE is not a forgotten child whom they don’t care about, people will not come back. I have said it many times already in other posts, but it does not take a massive effort to improve the game. You could push-out a DLC with a shoe-string budget, just add a few units upgrades and techs to the tech tree and a couple of civs by using already existing assets. No new campaigns, no new mechanics to code. Release it and people will buy it. Then use the budget to further polish and improve the game and release new content, which allows to make more money.


I rarely use them so I wouldn’t know about that.

8 months without an update feel like an eternity to me. I’d like to go back to the game, but in its current state, it’s not making me want to play it :pensive:


Then someone would jump out and say it is because the community is so small that the game has been poorly handled XD.

I’m still hoping the devs jump out of nowhere and yelling: "Surprise, surprise!!! Here is this large update we were working on almost a year now and we would like to announce this new DLC about barbarian factions too!

But then I’m waking up and realizing sadly again this anti AoE 1 society we live in :smiley:


I wish AoE 1 would get a GoG release. The HD version is awful - awful looking, terrible music implementation (can’t select which OST to use, and it often just stops playing music completely), bugs, can’t play the campaign with the original graphics.

AoE 1 HD is an aborted project and worthless. A GoG release of the original game is needed.

The UPatch unofficial HD Mod is what I would call “AOE1 HD”. It was released within a few years of “AOE2 HD” (2013 version), as I recall.


Maybe the Devs would take some volunteers to help fix the game’s glitches.


Yeah, UPatch is cool. But there should really be an official release of the original AoE on GoG - which we could then apply UPatch to, or maybe it would even come with it pre-applied. I’d buy AoE again if it were there.

Microsoft’s AoE DE is one of the most disappointing releases in gaming history, IMO.


You mean AoE: DE, don’t you?

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