Devs: Why not an appeal when your teammate doesn't launch?

My Elo has been wrecked over the last two nights, I think three times, because my teammate dropped or lost connection at the very start of the game. I get tired of trying to save my Elo, while starting at a disadvantage. Also, this puts me down into the ranks of noobs, who just give up, when a game looks hopeless. (That accounts for one or two more losses over the last two nights.)

Could there be an “APPEAL” coded in, where obvious drops, which affect Elo, can be ameliorated? Either by trashing the results or changing the final result to reflect the imbalance? It could be a button which appears when a teammate drops, or just automatic?

You should help semi-good players level up, or we’ll just give up. I, for one, am sick and tired of my Elo migrating 100 points, because I have a bad night, exacerbated by a shitty rating system.

they should remove the time out system so people can pick their own map and teammate.

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Probs would be interesting if elo rating went up and down at a much slower incremental rate. - would probably make the rush to go up and down in elo a lot slower too. Or to make going up much faster than going down. But for the sake of probably keeping elo uninflated, either placing a limit on top elo (with additional elo after a certain point being able to be gained but having no amount of influence on who you are queued against.) Or simply keeping both decline and gain at a very low incremental rate per game.

An example would be such - win game +2 elo / lose game -1 elo with elo limit being 2k with a secondary counter afterwards with bragging rights elo being able to be gained.

This way you’ll have more time to bring your elo back up before it migrates another 100 points down south with your good days vs the bad days.

That being said, to be on topic - elo should not gain or decline until after the 5 minute mark as a minimum. If anyone in the team leaves prior to this mark, no elo changes for all teams regardless of outcome - unless one person from each team also leaves prior to the 5 minute mark. In which case the players that leave prior to that will neither gain nor lose elo, while the players that remains would gain and lose elo as per normal.

Although, at that point, it would be somewhat confusing.

There could also be an in-game voting system where at least one person on the opposite team and an unanimous vote from the supporting team initializing the vote will choose in any state of the game if elo should be gained or lossed for all members of both teams in which case I would limit this vote to 2 times per team in the queue system(not in a lobby ranked system)

You want to hear something what would help with this issue? Reconnect button/screen or Save and exit possibility vote. Its laughable that we still dont have this existing in game, while voobly had it from the first day, shows how bad of a state this game is in currently/past 2+ years