Did anyone tried a new French revolution?

I think some of the cards are bugged…

Which cards do u mean? I didnt notice any buggs, when i tried it

Not the cards but the rebel villager is tagged as a military unit and doesn’t count on the resources meter.

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Yeah, the tag is on purpose i think, so your eco stays trash in exchange for insane army - but not seeing how much you have on food wood gold s*cks

One thing I found with the revolt is that it has some good upgrades for grenadiers but none of the cards enable grenadiers so if you don’t use the church card before revolting you can’t even make them (unless I’m missing something)

Yeah this is really annoying.

Yeah, already reported x2

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The first tier is suppose to be enabled when you do the first revolt. But yeah it looks like that is bugged.

The grenadier cards technically arent bugged, they just have bad descriptions. They dont say they enable grenadiers. The Imperial Grenadier card is misleading as it doesnt enable the imperial upgrades. Imperial in this case is a historical naming. And the one that actually grants imperial upgrades for grenadiers doesnt say it grants it in the description (outside of the advanced tooltips). It merely says it makes imperial upgrades cheaper.

The biggest issue is that when you go to the Napoleonic Age, you get the resources that you spent on the card refunded which I assume is a bug.

Also, the revolutionary vills arent tagged as vills which is confusing, they move with the move all soliders button, and they don’t show up on resource gathering data. Also, I’ve heard the Robspierre and Napoleon cards don’t stack but I haven’t confirmed that.

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