Did Microsoft talk with professional players of Age of Empire I?

Hello, I speak here of player who play always and again in the first edition of the game.

It should not be that the planned improvements totally ruin the gameplay of the first edition which makes it its strength.

For example, if AoeDE allows the queue for unit creation, know in advance that you have killed Age of Empire I.

If you want to interview several very good players still active, take a look at Voobly.com.

The reason that Age of Empire does not have a good place in e-sport is because only the first edition requires real game skills. (No offense AoK players)


Ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The Definitive Edition will be based on the Rise of Rome expansion. The Rise of Rome expansion introduced unit queue in the game. So naturally, AOE DE will have unit queue. Other than that, nothing much changes, there will be very few gameplay updates other than balance and AI improvement.

Also, unit queue does not destroy the game.

No, my question is in the title.

But rather disappointed with the information you bring. (Question of point of view about the queue of units)

Well to answer your question, seeing as elite AOE 2 players were involved in AOE 2 HD remake I’m sure they did. I just replied to your comment saying that unit queue kills the game in advance, which I disagree with. It is also rather obvious that queue will be included as it’s based on the Rise of Rome expansion.

Thank you for the answer.

Lol, “AoK not needing skill”. Alle AoE games require a lot of skill to be a top player, I know of only very few games that require both the micro- and macro management that the Age Of series demands.

The main reason is the devs didn’t embrace the esports revolution + didn’t release a full AoE game since 2006. AoK is doing great now and I’m pretty sure Microsoft will announce a big tournament in Cologne.

As if Microsoft or players talked.

ofc not

They have no interest in making a game to satisfy ‘hardcore’ players. Hardcore players already think the original game is perfect and just needs new graphics. 99% of everyone else (especially modern RTS players and ESPECIALLY people who are going to try AoE1 without the advantage of nostalgia) find the original game outdated and unplayable. However, they DO have a big interest in re-skinning and remastering a 20 year old game to rake in some $$

You hardcore players deserve a graphics overhaul and I have big respect for you playing a 20 year old game competitively, but I think you guys need to get real and understand this remaster isn’t really being made with the most hardcore people in mind. That’s why they are including an ‘original’ mode that will be untouched. Is that a mistake on MS’ part? Maybe, maybe not, time will tell.,

Interest in making a technical and tactical game? => The e-sport

The craze and money generated by e-sport will be much better than a casual game.

Maybe it’s up to Microsoft to try to understand the world of video games.