Did Not Start 14.11.19 Release

14.11.19 Release Date and it did not start !

It says: You are to Early , i have to informate my self in the Store ?

whats wrong ?

you can play it in 7 hours,

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ahh ok thank you . did not see 17:00h

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We are all waiting! Willing to play the complete version after testing beta version, which in my opinion was fantastic.

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Hey there! As others have noted, the game will be available worldwide at 8 AM Pacific Time. Here’s a handy map to help everyone know when it arrives in their timezone:

There is also a handy countdown timer on the webiste ticking down to the exact release time:

Watch for it soon! Looking forward to seeing everyone playing later today! =)


ok so it starts in germany at 17:00h ?

no it did NOT.

it did not start…