Did Quickplay ruin scenarios and lobbies?

Did quickplay ruin scenarios and lobbies? Not even scenarios, just lobbies. It seems much harder to get any game going these days. That isn’t either Arabia, or black forest. Boring.

You could always host a standard game if you wished with a lobby anyway.

If so. Please get rid of quickplay. It ruins the game for those of you want to play non standard games.

Did Quickplay ruin lobbies?
  • Yes. It ruined them.
  • No. It didn’t ruin them.

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Quick play is the biggest failure of DE. It is completely useless and dead. It will not be able to kill the lobby.


Is just another option. I think the problem with Quickplay is that use too similar restrictive mechanic to Ranked matchmaking.
QUickplay should full customizable to avoid quiters because of the map… Let me pick all favorite and ban all maps I want…
The good thing with QUickplay is it solves most of the annoying things of traditional lobby: Wait until is full, people entering and leaving the lobby, people AFk, etc…

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I kinda agree, quickplay draws players from both ranked AND lobbies, I don’t know what devs were thinking splitting the playerbase even more, having 2 main options is enough, I know they wanted to make an easy way for newish players to quickly get a standard match… but that already exists in ranked


That would mean that a new matchmaking algorithm is needed, since the one that is in use now does not take map bans/picks into consideration. You get matched only depending on your elo, or in case of Quick play, just with the others that are searching. Also taking maps into consideration in matchmaking would mean that devs would have to mess with that again… and from what I have seen so far from them, I think thats a bad idea

Cannot agree more