Did something change again?

Why am I struggling against hard AI on 1v1 arabia. Not only is the map gen rather unfair, but medium and up AI are over powered. I got an achievement for building 10 Houfnices as the Bohemians when I was playing as the Hindustanis (When did this change??).

Arabia map gens are actually pretty fair right now. The moderate AIs and up honestly aren’t overpowered, they are significantly worse than a decent human, the extreme AI is the most humanlike. It’s also the strongest by a significant margin, because it’s the only one they regularly improve.

That ones just a bug.

Probably means you just need more practice or to improve.

Create extra villagers

The houfnice achievement is a bug that is more likely to happen if you build bombard cannons that have a bonus, like the Hindustanis have.

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The map gen can be unfair but likely has nothing to do with AI, the same can happen in ranked play. not saying the following is necessarily in your case, might just be unlucky due to small sample size

If anything the AI is possibly using their map better. Because the map you get influences what and where to build and which opening to go for and/or expect

Losing also more likely leads to a skewed perception as you look for reasons to blame for the loss.

And finally if you weren’t aware, pathing is considerably worse than it used to be a few months ago. Meaning you as a human will have your units work much worse than the opponent, this is primarily melee but includes Vils and ranged units

I didn’t say the map gen had anything to the do with the AI. But I think it’s different.

Maybe my random civ matches are suddenly putting me at a disadvantage? I don’t buy it. They’re stronger now. I can always out last them but the games are just dragging on.

The AI of this game is pretty bad. Just an average player should be able to beat the extreme AI. Medium shouldnt really be a challenge at all.

Feel free to ask for advice.

hahahah. Oh my God. That must mean I’m a dreadful player.

I think I’ll just quit playing.

Don’t be so discouraged! Everyone plays the game the way they like! And they should continu playing the game that way!


All it takes is practice to improve. Have you played the Art of War? That’s a good start if you haven’t.


I’m a musician so I can tell you that, sometimes, you can practice all you want, and still not get better. There are key elements of the art, craft, or game, that if one doesn’t comprehend, the efforts are in vain.

In my case it was the economy. I used to advance to Feudal age with 9 Villagers. I got better after I copied what the AI did and advenced with 21 of them. But I feel I’ve hit my limit.

I did play some scenarios of The Art of War.

Well… thanks. I wish “the way I like” was also one that allowed me to defeat the AI in higher difficulty levels, which, it seems, is the golden rule.

Looks like you need to learn some Build Orders. Advancing with 9 vills only is prety awful if you want to defeat hard+ AI. Don’t worry, though, we all have been there

As theyve already suggested learning build orders can help you improve a ton. Honestly tho, you dont have to improve if you dont want to, there no shame in turning the difficulty down a notch, playing should never feel like boring work, i feel ive generally platued in skill and where i mightve felt bad for not improving in the past, rn im fine with it.

depending on the map you can easily find some Build Orders of pro player which you can copy from. For example if you want to play fast castle you may refer to the video here


Well I gotta kind of crawl back here with my tail between my legs… Because I just realized about 3 or 4 weeks ago I changed to the “HD AI”… Now my next question I guess is, when did they get so based?

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