Did the AI change in Definitive Edition?

Literally every AI game I play, they just rush me in tool age with scouts/axemen and I can’t do anything. Even my tried and true “Go Roman and spam towers” doesn’t work because just after I get to Tool Age, they’ve already got 20+ military units and I’m overrun instantly.


Yes they improved the ai, it much more agressive now

It’s nice to see improvement in the AI. I’m not the best player, but some games on “hard” I have to work hard, especially 2 v. 2 against 2 AI opponents.

They are talking about the new AI here: https://youtu.be/EdqS0S2CgcQ?t=9m05s

It’s about AoE1 DE not AoE2 DE

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oh yea, I didn’t notice it was aoe1 topic :grimacing:

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Same here, even on easy every single time I get instantly smashed. I watched some videos on Youtube, and even if I try the same strategy I get instantly smashed as well in the first Voices of Babylon mission.

There is something amiss here with the new AI.

You will find the the Holy Man scenario in the Babylon campaign (the first one) is near impossible to complete. You need to save after each conversion to ensure nothing goes wrong. The villagers are exceptionally aggressive making it hard to convert them. Then you have the chariot rush to deal with which can be rather big. The way I completed it was by converting a villager then using the villager to attack another villager that has villagers nearby. They then all attacked my attacking villager which I micro managed to run around while my priest converted all the units chasing him. Without 5 or 6 villagers converted the game is hard or impossible.

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please check the header before reply thank you.