Did the bulgarians is the Ultimate Knight Civ?

Im Playing as the bulgarians and from the Informations about this civ i can see they are almost the complete civ to Create Horse Warriors (Like Hussard,Knights,Paladins, Konnik).

I already create my Resume from this Civ and what i will going to need to make myself in the Imperial Age.

My Question is, this Civ is the ultimate Horse Knights from the Game? I like so much Hourse Mounted Knights.

They’re not the ultimate horse civ, even though they’re fun to play! Franks, Lithuanians, Persians are all probably better :slight_smile:

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In the current state of the game the Konnik is 100% better than the knight line, so you should ignore the rest as long as you have gold. Once you get in trash war you have a really good Hussar thanks to stirrup (really only Lithuanian hussard with relics can do better imo, my scenario editor is a bit buggy right now so I can’t test vs.Malian Light cav and Mongol hussards but the Bulgarian should be the only hussard able to win against those) Having paladin is cool but it really has no bonus. The Frank, Cuman and Teuton ones sound more interesting to me

And persian paladin has no bonus, but is fully upgraded, and you can combine it with goldfree arbalests to kill their counters. And they have war elephants too.

Persians receive only crossbows. No arbalests. Also they don’t get bracer.

Yes, but now that they only cost wood they are worth producing and are still good enough against pikes

I’m only just pointed out that they are not getting arbalests.