Did they buff Goth civ?

Any info on it? Anyone?

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No,the Goth’s mainly oppoents are benefited.

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They are still useless.

They give them an eco bonus now, Goths get 20% longer lasting hunt.
Also, they buff the Barracks upgrades times, so it is a indirect buff to them but they were actually good at this so you can think this as a direct nerf to them because now the other civ barracks now works faster
(They didn’t get the new Gambseons tech, which IMO they need it)

They likely didn’t get Gambesons so their Champions don’t become as comparable to their Huskarls.

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Why would they need the tech ? They are “supposed” to go Huskarls vs archers, and since they miss the last infantry armor, it wouldnt make a big difference.

The 20% longer lasting hunt is pretty big, it is +160f from boars, and more if you hunt deers. Boars alone probably allows to go at least 1 villager sooner and delay farms. And since hunters carry more food (3 vils on deers) and still got instant loom (1 extra vil), they should be in a good spot in early game.


They don’t. You need Supplies before to research Gambeson and Goths don’t have Supplies to begin with.

they got buff in early eco, training faster militia, scorpions cheaper

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With %20 hunt bonus goths save tons of food. I see scout rush into knight into infatry flow tactic very often.

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