Diferent Build Version (Steam vs MS Store)

yes u need to redownload the 16 gb again. It is a totally new client now and delete the old one. You should find 2 version of the game in the store. Make sure u dont download again the black colored game.

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Yes. You need the new client to play cross-play and get any new updates. It’s a one time new download. You can safely uninstall the old client before or after installation. All finished achievements, saved games, and campaign progress will port over.

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Seems the MS Store version is still failing to download. Same error remains: Something went wrong on our side, try again later.

Could you also post a screenshot of your MS store update history?

And while you are there, please also check any pending downloads. Maybe things got stuck there and you have to tick a continue download button.

I had to reinstall windows on a laptop to fix this…

Nothing, and not sure what you want to see of my update history.

I just wanted to check if your old client did update to AOE the grey and which packages got updated recently. Although in place Windows upgrade might solve your problem it’s more a last resort kind of thing to do.
Did you try anything already to solve it?

I only got Xbox Gamebar (as new installation) in and furthermore nothing got updated.

I cannot install the new version from MS Store. I can (re)install the old version 27xxx (with the greyscale icon) and I can launch that one. I’ve done all the unproven “solutions” people posted everywhere. No luck.

And the pop up ‘Try again later’ isn’t really being informative either anyway.

This is Closed Beta all over again.

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You don’t have Gameservices installed?

I would keep the old client installed for the time being anyway.

Did you remove the closed beta btw?

Gameservices should have come with the upgrade to Windows 1903. Please verify again that you are running Windows 1903 indeed (search for winver with cortana).

If you are (like you said), there are few things you can try below local (built-in or other) administrator account (including the in-place upgrade of Windows 10 using media creation tool).

I am on 1903.

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Before running in-place upgrade I would try this first.

Launch PowerShell elevated by right clicking and choosing run as administrator. If you are not administrator on your pc change your account to be administrator first.
Type or paste the following line and press enter.
Get-AppxPackage -allusers | foreach {Add-AppxPackage -register "$($_.InstallLocation)\appxmanifest.xml" -DisableDevelopmentMode}

It should reinstall all packages. When it’s finished type wsreset and then reboot your pc again.

Now sign in again and open MS store first, go to downloads and click get updates button.


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Like @JoonasTop said already a fresh reinstall could solve this problem.

But instead I would try an in-place upgrade using the media creation tool in the link below.

Place tool in C:\Install (e.g.) folder and sign on with local administrator account and perform the in-place upgrade.

You can choose to keep all applications and settings, so it shouldn’t hurt. Just make sure you have enough free space on you system drive. And it’s also recommended to perform a full disk cleanup using the disk cleanup utility before running the in-place upgrade.

Maybe you are just experiencing the wrath of @GMEvangelos after last Thursday’s stream. :grin::wink:
Anyway you topped them all quite easy. And not for the first time.

We could also test another piece of PS script with hopefully some useful output which puts us in the right direction, if you like that option better. Actually to be able to ts this issue better, I would have to see all logs generated by wscollect command and also system and application event logs would be nice.

Do you by any chance run Windows 10 Pro for Workstations on an Intel i9?

I can hear all those cores working while you rock the game.

I hope you’re just joking. Reinstalling Windows is out of the question. It is unheard that one has to reinstall his entire OS for a game.

Sorry but I am also not further going to conduct PS script experiments. No offence, even though you’re trying to be helpful, you don’t even know what the actual root cause is and we’re all assuming things here. And assumptions are bad, very bad.

I also haven’t heard from other players I know that they are able to download the new version as well, so this is not an individual problem either.

Probably this will not help but I just want to say my part:
I had problems updating windows (with Windows Update) for a long time. I needed to update Windows to get the new version of the MS Store. I tried many things, reinstalling windows, updating in different ways, with safe mode, with cmd.exe, with powershell. Nothing solved my problem. Then, just by chance, I went into the Insider menu (I mean Windows Insider, not AoE Insider) and I tried to join the Insider program of Windows. Basically it installed a new version of the OS and this time all went fine (I was running on Windows 10 1803 for a long time and I couldn’t update it because it always returned errors or problems). This way I solved everything.

I don’t know if this will help, maybe not, but if you are out of options, you can try the Insider way to install new updates and a new version of the OS to see if something changes. At least you don’t need to reinstall Windows.

Btw, you can choose to reinstall Windows keeping your personal files, but yea you will lose many apps if they are on the same Hard drive as your OS (C:/ or whatever).

Partly joking sure. That’s why I asked nicely first.

I also think it’s not an individual problem, but the information you do deliver is limited. That’s why the easy answer ‘just freshly reinstall the whole thing’ doesn’t get my recommendation too. I’m talking about in-place upgrade which at worst gets you back at the state where you are now.

There’s just a little bit of information you provide to work with for me my friend.

I’m sure they will resolve some more problems with next build of AOE DE COP.