Different AI for 1 range melee - Kamayuk+Steppe

Let’s face it, they are good vs other melee units because the enemy gets right next to them allowing them to have 2 rows attacking at once… and this allows them to counter their “weak” stats.
But when they are fighting archers or anything with a bigger range than them, they can only get 1 row because their AI only tells them to get close enough to attack, and enemy archers don’t need to get in touch. They would benefit a lot and make them more viable by altering the distance to 0, allowing them to attack archers with 2 rows.
How? We have 2 options:

  1. Simply tell them to always get in touch (0 distance) with their target.
  2. Verify the target range, if it’s 0 then attack from distance (1 range), allowing them to attack first, then the target gets to 0 distance and they have 2 rows. If the target is 1 range or above, then get to 0 range at once.

Have you tried stand ground patrol or attack move? I think it works as you describe

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