Different AIs

Is there a chance that different AI available via UP (Barbarian, Promi, etc) are added officially to the DE in a later patch? Or are they too incompatible coming from UP? If they are not planned in an official manner, would it be possible to mod them into the game?

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AoE 2 DE uses the same file format which was used by the CD Version so simply copy-paste the AI files should work.

That’s great to know. I’ve been wanting to try some of those AIs. Is great that we are going to be able to use them with DE. Thanks.

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You’re welcome! I’ve heard that there will be a converter for HD Edition mods as well, so converting AI files might work as well.

I don’t think it’s the case. Those AI use many scripting features which are only available in UP so I don’t think it will be compatible with DE. They do not work with HD as well.

I could be totally wrong though.

The Tool is to convert graphics mods, AI mods should not need any modification ,although I am not sure where to upload the mods in order to download them for DE.

The AIs OP is talking about are for the Userpatch Version of the game that is mainly played on voobly. I am pretty sure they dont work on DE.

There was a reddit post of someone who had copied the AI files over and they worked out of the box generally. I’m guessing new civs or maps won’t play well. I still haven’t tested this myself. I’ve never played with one of these AIs.