Different castles for every civ

Hello gamerz, I would like to ask, when would generic civs get their iconic castle?


While I support the idea of non-DE DLC civs getting unique castles whenever the thought pops up as it helps a lot of people who ask for less symmetry in unit & architectural designs, I do not think the team has it on a high priority, right now.
As much as I want to see them myself, I believe we’ll be waiting a while.


i dont think there are currently any plans for that, you can probably download a mod for that already?

Having different architectures for castle (or even all buildings) and units seems a nice touch to the game. I would put this suggestion on the list at low priority.

i think giving all buildings unique architecture would be damaging to the readability. i know when i first played campaigns against mezo civs that i didnt recognize most of the buildings

I like the idea of unique castles for each civ, but that said…

I’m not so keen on the idea of the castles being “iconic”. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting - but what I’m imagining is, for example, every castle Britons build looks like the Tower of London. That would be kind of silly. You often build multiple castles per game, so I think they should look somewhat generic. (I think the Bohemian and Polish castles fail at this.)

More than castles, I’d like every civ to have an appropriate monastery. The east Asian civs all have conspicuously Japanese ones…