I enjoy playing skirmish usually me and 3 AI players, so it would be great if every player has each own color and not all the AI players to be red for example. The human player should be able to put a different color for each AI when creating the game.


You can’t specify the colors, but there is an option to have everyone have a unique color rather than team colors.

I “think” one of the buttons around the mini-map does it. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure it’s in the options somewhere.

It’s in the options menu. I think it’s under UI or accessibility or something, it’s one of the bottom menus.


Ok I found it! Thanks!

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Press INSERT while playing.

That must be how I accidentally turned team colors on once; good to know the hotkey…

It has similar purple colours and I don’t know which purple to talk to or specify. It is ridiculous…

Please add color select for fractions in game… it is so simple and easy feature to do for a game… important for many players