Different elo calculation for team members

More effective players should get more points and lose less points.

How do you mesure that ?

If I manage to hold 1v3 while my 2 pockets free boom into paladin swarm, do they get most of the elo ?

The idea of a fair distribution of elo within the team is good, but hard to implement. And we may be back to the theads about finding out smurfs from early damage, early to mid TC idle time, good unit composition timings and efficient trades…


Same question. Thinking of APM, KDA or other stuff but none of them can show your afford on holding 1v3. I guess the only less subjective method is to allow players in your team choose one of the MVP in their team (but not themself) but this method is chosen by pure subjective. Or employing a AI model on APM KDA number of unit etc but I don’t know they are capable of doing so

Heat map,apm etc. There are many way to measure it.
Most probably you could not hold 3v1, move to another location and most probably enemy team will manage to defend 3v2 because when your teammates came with paladins, enemy team will have castles,walls, halb upgrade, eco etc. You will lose the game and lost same points. Why ? Your teammates played farming simulator and you fought but in the end you lost same point.
— Teammate, ragequitted at minute 10, you won 3v4 and he get the same point with you? That is not fair.
We can find many more examples