Different unit styles

To make the game even closer to the ideal, it would be great to add different unit design for cultural regions, as is done for king units and architecture. Something like what is done in AoE4, but on a smaller scale. And without much difference from each other (within the same unit), so that a unit can represent a certain culture, but doesn’t confuse players. About 5 different styles would be enough, imo. Just an idea.

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Better off left as a mod. (just for yourself) To turn on and off. Otherwise, there will be confusion over what units you are facing.

Or a modded lobby where it’s the same for everyone else in some scenario perhaps.

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yes, the only problem is that it can cause more confusion, given that there are tons of unique units already in the game

then we need mods support tfor that. currentlz not possible unless with dataset that doesnt allow multiplayer and is hard to keep up to date with patches