I love AoE but there is ONE thing that always bugged me in EVERY AoE ever.

The difficulites.
Here’s why:

If you play on very easy, the enemy is basicly doing nothing. Building stuff here and there, creating a bit defense, never attacks you, lets you do whatever you’re up to.
That’s good, if you’re a bloody beginner, it’s your mode to go and there’s nothing wrong with that.


if you set the difficulty to easy, you’ll have a shocking surprise:
The enemy keeps attacking you already in the second age, with larger and larger forces.

and from that to middle difficulty, there isn’t much difference and higher up the enemy gets unlimited resources etc.

It goes from 0 - 70 in only one difficulty step.
I really suggest, that the enemy on easy start to attack in the 3rd, where you have your stable and archery built and are ready for a proper defense. I mean the difficulty “easy” should be for people who know now how the game basicly works.
It’s too early for attacks in the 2nd age, you don’t play on easy to struggle even to defend yourself a bit.

I can handle it now, but when I play online with others against bots and they get attacked, they’re lost. And I don’t have enough resources or soldiers to help them out, because I have to look for myself that time. A lot is going for your basic economy and defense in the second age, they have to take care of it, and I do too. Also it seems the AI enemy can happily build and create buildings and troops without caring for resources, when we, the human players, have to watch every single bit of food, wood, stone and gold.

So please, make the easy mode a smaller challenge for new players and let the enemy attack from the 3rd age instead of 2nd


The AI in AoE3 doesn’t attack you on easy mode until the 4th age, or until you attack it yourself. Don’t know about the other age games exactly.


I think in general the AI’s could use a bit of clumsyness. That is to say: program a great hardest AI (that’s the hard part) and then have it make human mistakes. Have the easier AI’s idle their town center now and then, or screw up their resource balans, or make army and not use it (okay, they already do that one), or attack and not follow up, or with too little too late.

The original aoe2 AI attacked quickly and kept coming in waves because that’s all it knew how to do. It couldn’t build up any further. It was essentially a one trick pony. There are specific counter strategies that will almost always work, like turtling up. Beating the AI is a matter of becoming good at executing your counter strategy of choice.

The aoe2hd AI is much better at the game, which is why many more people (including me, yes I’m that bad) now have trouble with the medium difficulty. You now need to make strategic decisions during the game and then execute your strategy while you’re forming it, which makes these AI’s fun. But they still play perfectly in the sense that they’ll never forget to check if their production buildings are still running and things like that. Good but clumsy would be helpful for beginners. And the clumsier an easy AI is the more strategic depth it can retain compared to its harder brethern. It’s no problem if the easy AI makes it to the imperial age, as long as it does it slowly.


I would also like to have the original difficulty as it was in the old game, at least for setup for easy difficulty.


The Ai must try to rush in Tool age.


Insane difficulty even in the easy.