Disable Ethiopia/Hausa Villager Auto-Gather from Livestock at Start

Just as the title says, it would nice if there was some way to prevent starting villagers from immediately killing off the livestock that you start a match with, especially for matches where you have a builder for a livestock market. All of the African maps I’ve played have some immediate natural food source, so it’s not like they need the food from the livestock anyway.

Beyond that, it’d be nice if there was a general option to disable auto-gathering after a villager finishes building a non-specific resource building like a Town Center (or any building if that’s easier to code). I’d like to have the option to choose what they gather, especially in the case of switching to hunter and chasing animals away from the Town Center rather than toward.

if you don’t kill the first cow you train your first settlers at 1 min, I’m not sure that’s what you want either


It’s not a cow, it’s a 400 food crate with legs.


They only kill 1 that has more food than the rest, which acts as your starting crate for food.
The other cows act as starting creates for wood and gold, with flexibility.


I always play matches with starting resources, so it would be preferable to me to have the option.