Disable opponent ping in TG game?

I am a TG player. Yesterday I encounter a opponent player with Asian character. He was actually normal until he start losing the game. He then randomly ping the map every 30 second to distract our team. It was a 4v4 game that it take times to distinguish which ping is from our teammate and which one is a fake ping by him. As a premade team we highly relied on ping to conmunicate which really cause a lot of trouble on us.

Yes I know we can disable his ping by banning him but I don’t think it worth us to find the button during the game and ban him just because he exploit it. Not to mention he keep unpausing our F3 make us no time to ban him in the first place. imho ping is for communication between teammate in TG and I think it should not allow to ping your opponent in TG.

ofc in 1v1 game ping can be for taunting etc but it is another issue and I won’t discuess here.

You can mute them from the chat options.