Disappointed on Campaign

I have to say im so disappointed to the campaign.
I have been dreamed of the campaign on:

  1. Legend of the Kingdom of Jerusalem and the Templars against Salah ad-Din.
  2. the building of Ming dynasty and the battles against Mongols for decades.
    But the campaign is still focus on Jeana Darc and William which is KNOWN BY 3-YEAR OLD BABYS.
    Besides I don’t think the game is ready to make Mongol campaign because
    We don’t have Persia, Cumans, Turks, Magyars, poles and other enemies!


You don’t have to have a civ to do that, just make special campaign units, use a civ with similar building style, adjust the tech tree a bit, and boom, campaign civ!

I hoped for this too

This could be part of the mongol campaign

with new dlc in the future comes new campaigns so we can only hope.


Can we just wait until the campaigns come out before giving an opinion on them?


A Crusades campaign without Turks and Byzantines, would be even weirder than Mongols without Cumans and Magyars.


I just hope they’ll release more campaigns for “old” civs in the DLCs. Something muslim for the Caliphate at least.


Or maybe we really do what we said above? Will we rate the game then when will it be released? It seems to me that this is what most people and journalists do.

Crusaders are awesome but i think it will be in DLC.


How many times do you all play these campaigns? I do them once max and forget about them.


Passed for the achievement

You haven’t played the campaigns yet how can you be disappointed already?

And besides we probably know that more will come in the future so wait like everyone else to get what they want? I mean these days people whine just about anything and never are happy or showing gratitude.

Be glad we are even getting AoE4 otherwise you would be here asking for that instead.


I play through all and then start again in a few months :wink:

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I do understand the siappointment in a way.

However jeanne darc may today be protrayed much better and is seen as a symbol of feminism, which is a good thing, for both the sales and the culture :wink:
But i do get that we already had her. From what I gathered about other campaigns, I THINK it will also be played as other french heroes of the 100Years war, not just jeanne (she didnt participate in many battles after all).

Be positive, there will be DLC with possible campaigns and I doubt the crusades wont be part of one of them, however its ahrd to call them a building of an empire, as I think they were more of expansions.

Ming empire may very well happen though. But maybe its harder for the team to get correct info there, which is why its not there.

I for one am happy to see 2 new stories told (ENgland and Rus(the latter being more interesting to me), although I could have lived with 2 others I have to admit heanne of arc campaign in age 2 was the first I really remember after wallaces intro campaign, so I am happy to see that - and the mongols are a very unique gameplay, so its probably good to give them a campaign where players learn playing them :wink:

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People are disappointed by default these days.


I agree, there already is a mongol and joan of arc campaign in AOE2
They should of done a ottoman or seljuk campaign, this is long overdue in AOE2 i was hoping it would be in AOE4
missing the Turks as a civ is a bit of a let down, hope they will be added in DLC along with the spanish and Japanese


They will likely add Turks with Byzantines.
It would be silly not to.



I see the power of Japanese propaganda is too strong

Everyone loves the Japanese. It is not propaganda.


Because of pop culture and holywood’s misrepresentations of samurais and ninjas :smiley:

Tbh, Japanese didn’t have much interaction with the outside world until the early modern age. Maybe a bit more than native American. Korean would make more sense