Honestly not a big fan of this architecture they could have done something better.

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I understand that all the battle towers in the game have such windows, I personally think this is quite normal since this is a common form of battle windows, how this can be confused with a Christian symbol, I don’t understand, while the Christian cross looks different, but even if and so, it is stupid to make windows in the form of a symbol of your religion, imagine the cuts in the windows in the shape of a crescent, this is absurd.


That’s what I’m saying no need put religion on every building accept for monasteries.

Well, for example what? I just don’t know, maybe you can find some materials of the architecture of the Sultanate of Delhi that would be very different, but I cannot find it, besides it is logical that an Islamic state founded by the Persians will build buildings in the style of the Persians, maybe it should be emphasized more Indian architecture and emphasize symbiosis, but from what I see with the search term “Architecture of the Delhi Sultanate” I see semi-Arab buildings in typical Islamic style.

from a neutral standpint, yes. But they did not historically use these shapes, at least according to said topic. If they didnt use it historically I dont see why it would need to be done in the game.

Especially because while a modern mind may accept that its a functional shape, we still have many extremely conservative minds in this world - some of which would never accept any resemblance of a cross in the game :wink:

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Yes, of course, in reality, these battle windows did not look like this (I will attach a photo), but here the game design intervenes, which does not pursue the goal of conveying realism, but in general, the shape of the cross for battle towers was normal.
And the fact that a person saw a religious subtext in this generally shocked me how the shape of the windows reflects religion … Even in the Arab castles, the shapes of the battle windows were either in the form of a vertical strip or a cross, because it was just convenient.


the last one looks a lot like a fortification . and you omly see basic arrow slits there no crosses.

I personally have no problem with that but I can see why some ppl do :slight_smile:

That is literally the same model?

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If the language of units is gonna be Persian - that’s really f up lol. The common and “official” language of the Abbasid Caliphate was Classical Arabic, the founders and the core population were Arabs. Bruh… If I was an Arab I would be mad.


well, I think Persian is for Delhi ( as they were Persian people )not Abbasid and half of Abbasid courts were full of Persians as they never had any kind of experience to manage a huge land that they got
AND towers should not have the cross on it i agree .

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Persian speakers say they speak Persian in the Xbos Teaser

in islam We do not believe the crucifixion of christ … if you are a muslim and you start believe it or you take it like Logo for you … thats make you (kafer) thats mean you are not muslim anymore …

look at muslims walls and castles in real life and you will know that we didnt do it on our buildings :slight_smile:

Lol, hate cause loopholes in towers … pls you should be less feisty. Its not about islam or christianity 11

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relax, it’s just a game, what really matters is the gameplay.
Age of Empires has never been characterized by being 100% accurate in history, there are always variants such as what happened in AoE 3 DE

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And btw in Abbasids empire normal ppl talked persians, right? Like vills, men at arms…


man its always vertical or square

i dont understand what you mean !

the Persian language used in abbasid empire not in delhi xD It’s really weird my friend xD


i dont hate Christians man. … i want them to look at us fairly … And the method of construction means the Christian religion, my friend