my friend … you are right its just a game … but why they doing that ?? i know its mean nothing and they didnt know about the ports but we think they will fix it but they did nothing so why … ??

maybe 20% talking persian language … maybe less … and all persian people must learn arabic to understand quran and isalm … thats mean all abbasids people or most of them can talk arabic language …


Indeed both Delhi and Abbasids towers and walls are the same, I think they should differentiate them a little, and of course they should clarify about why the Abbasids speak Persians in all the available clips and finally about the crosses idk they could be just arrows holes and if this was historically accurate then it is just fine، other wise they should remove the horizontal line, and in the image below an example of an Arabian castle, and it has some holes for arrows ( southern façade of the Citadel of Damascus ).


Yikes man. Let’s keep personal faith & religion out of the forums please.

Should the designs of the walls and towers be specialized for a game that’s going for a few asymmetric civs? Yes.

Are the developers insulting a specific demographic with their design choices? Absolutely not. This is a ridiculous thought. Those are most likely one arrow slit design that was implemented across the board.

Heck, it’s more likely that this is laziness, oversight, bad design choices, or all of the above but there’s zero malicious intent. There’s absolutely no reason why the Devs would even think about sending a subliminal religious message, let alone from Microsoft, which is known for its inclusivity.

Abbasids speaking Persian is super weird (this has been brought up by many people) and should be changed for sure. Do I think this was done with malicious intent? Again, no. Probably someone internally messed up their research or something.


Persian people formed Delhi sultanate my guy that’s why they are speaking Persian and their heritage is Persian, as well as its language, was used in the Abbasid caliphate and no one cares about religion as far as I’m concern here

brother look … in that time all buildings and the way of living Inspired by religions so how you want me now to keep religion put of the forums ?
and about the ports … if you dont want to look at it from a religious point of view … just looking from a historical perspective … we dont have any wall or building have a crosses or intersections like this … we didnt make ports like that …

and about language they have a time to fix it but they didnt do it … and i think they will not …

i know that it is a mistake and they do not mean to offend anyone with it but if they really know what we want and they said ( we always watching what age of empires community want ) thats mean they know about that because its not first time we talking about crosses and the language … If they were interested, they would have fixed it before beta


man iam talking about abbasid caliphate not about delhi … the official language was arabic and it is not acceptable to use another language to represent an arabic caliphate


ok i want to ask you something … Have you seen a Chinese building with this type of ports before ??
If you don’t want it to be a religious mistake , just consider it a historical mistake


I have not good knowledge about the Αrabic history, but I want to state that the nations now have not much in common with the nations before 1000 years. There were a lot less, ans as you go behind, there were even less nations.

Even now with so much more countries than the nations before 1000 years, you can see countries where they speak 2-3 languages, there are people from 2-3 nations etc. I expect this was warse in the AoE4 period. So the language they used, might be the language from part of the nation.

About the cross, as I understood the walls are the same for each civ. I guess beta testers from Arabic countries will ask for it. If it isn’t something hard to change the same walls logic for all the nations, they will change it I guess.


I made a mistake, we are speaking about empires and not nations, in an empire there could be more than one nations. If in the same nation you could find more than 1 language, imagine what could happened in an empire with 2+ nations. I guess we need historicals for so detail infos.

PS: It is hard to know with accuracy events before 1000 years. I don’t know how many of us understand that the parents of our grandfathers, had not electricity in their houses.

Abbasids official language is Arabic and funded by Arabian people, of course there were other races, but even those were minorities compared to Arabs and most of them learned Arabic language anyway, add to that both Arabs and Persians hate this for different reasons, Persians hate this because they want a real Persian civ that represent their real culture and Arabs obviously hate this, because it is actually an Arabian civ.

Edit:. and I am not really complaining about the language, because they said in the official site that Abbasids language is Arabic, so I am sure that Abbasids language will be Arabic when the game launch.

The abbassids influence stretched over a huge area (north africa, middle east, today’s pakistan,…). If anything, every single unit should speak a different language or dialect. I guess thats just not practical to record sounds for.
I know you guys all love your own little tribal “origin story”. But that is not how the world was (or is) working.

The cross on the other hand is one of the best forms of arrowloop. You have a vertical opening to allow to shoot downward, and a horizontal opening to allow observing movement in a better angle (and maybe also shoot through, but that would be more tricky). I bet some christian was happy that they also form crosses from the outside, but that is not the point of those things. You can also find them in T-shape or with the horizontal slit on varying height.

Instead of just spurting nonsense, maybe inform yourself first about these things. This information is literally one google search away. Heck, you can type “Why are there crosses in castle walls” and find good answers.
But no…playing the victim seems much more fun these days.


These mistakes are happening. In AoE till recent the Turkish civ speaks Greek. And the 2 nations (Greeks and Turkish) were in war in all their history. So yes, these mistakes are happening and are fixing at a specific time.

PS: I am Greek, so I didn’t liked this obviously, but I know it is a game, so I was ok. It is not history… I also was seeing the series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys for example where none of what that was telling was true. But it is also a TV-series, you can not learn history from these easily, at least not without mistakes.

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man iam arab and i know my history more than you … and yes its huge khelafat But the Arabic language is the main one in the caliphate… It is not acceptable to place the language of a Persian minority over the Arab majority … and about ports … you can look at muslims castles and you will know that we didn’t build it like that … It’s frustrating that you talk to me in such a way that you make us wrong


AoE has never been a historically accurate game or a history textbook, it is a game based on historical events, and describes them in general terms, you should not look for something that never happened in it.


But language is not just about historical accuracy, for example you couldn’t make Franks speak English and expect people to be happy, it is just annoying.

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I was not talking about languages, but about architectural features, in which there can be certain assumptions and fictional fiction.
If we talk about languages, then everything is simple, we just find out which language was the main one in that state and use it, if we speak about the Delhi Sultanate, then the official language of the state was Persian, and in the Abbasid Caliphate, the main language was Arabic.


Don’t know much about Arab history but Persian speaking Arab caliphate doesn’t sounds too historic to me.


These are called arrow slits not a big issue, don’t like it,just ignore it.


Isn’t it the same caliphate Which build House Of Wisdom in Baghdad region was formally known as Persia. & in Game it is the most important building for Abbasids now it sounds more logical to have Persian Speaking caliphate. An islamic caliphate conquered & converted Persian people & people changed their religion not their native language so only nobility would speak Arabic but the native would stick to their language.


Yeah, I agree with this.

No i hope they put multiple language in civ like Abbasid or holy Roman empire