Disconnect after few minutes playing multiplayer (Problem persists after update)

I was doing different setups of match trying to get more details of the error, and maybe identify the problem so I could find a way to play with my friends. So on the server option I selected “Use Local LAN Server” and started a 1vs1 with a bot, after ~5 minutes I get the disconnect error. I decided to try again and after ~28 minutes got the error again.
It’s so strange how the error occurs even in the LAN match. :thinking:


Cant play a single game without being disconnected


same here. this really sucks. wtf


Same issue here. Using Pyür as ISP. Can’t play more than 5mins on multiplayer. Its annoying. 4g fix works for me, however i already used my whole data volume… please fix that issue!

just another unhappy AOE2de player with the same MP disconnection issue… I’ve tried every tip mentioned in this forum with mixed results… some allowing better or longer game times, even with intermittent success, but still the issue remains, so here’s hoping for a fix soon.

same happened to me today 2 times back to back

This is still happening and it takes the whole fun out of the game.

how can you request a refund on steam? ii mean i cannot play the game i payed for…


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the multiplayer is really unplayable.
over the weekend i tried at least 10 matches, both ranked and unranked.
we didn’t manage to complete a single ■■■■■■■ game.

this is major bug, is really annoying that this thread has no feedback from the devs.
a simple “we are aware of the problem, we’re working to fix it as soon as possible” would have been appreciated.

so far you’ve been so lucky that the AoE2 player base is so nice and patient, any other game multiplayer based, with this multiplayer would have been left to rot.

i think i’ll go back to hd.


Its insane ive this disconnection trouble since 20 days I CANT FINISH A SINGLE GAME DO SOMTH U FAGGOT DEV

After a lot of VPNs tested and all the things i sayd in post bellow i finally got 1 VPN that worked for me… the Express VPN. Im from Brazil, using NET / CLARO.
I hav no disconections anymore, but is not ok for me pay a VPN to play, still waiting for the patch that will fix this problem

i talked private with 1 adm (i dont know if he is a DEV). But he sayd to me that this problem will fix in the next 2 weeks (new patch). I will wait and pray for the best.

Problem persists. VPN just prolonged the time until disconnect significantly. Support should give an official statement.

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Exactly same problem for me… After 10 or maybe 30 minutes playing online i’m sure that my game will eventually disconnect in a moment. I tried to desativate antivirus and firewall but the issue continues.

PS: I have a very solid connection, and there’s no lag at the match, or on every other multiplayer game. It’s seems to be an exclusive AoE II DE issue.

PS²: Trying to play from Brazil too.

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Still happening, where ist the response from the devs?

wepayed ■■■■■■■ moneyfor this. give us a working game

-There is a large patch coming out this month. Hang tight and see what it addresses!

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I solved the problem by logging in to the Xbox account (microsoft -hotmail) on the game’s home screen, game via steam. After login no longer logged out; Internet use of NET / Claro;

I hope you are right!

how do you do that? im new

I’m logged in… Doesn’t fix it for me :confused: