Disconnect after few minutes playing multiplayer (Problem persists after update)

brb… gotta research how to ‘bridge’

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disregard. Sounds like WiFi hax. I’m using Ethernet cord

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@Lbow86 access your modem config, usually is an address IP like or

Then the login and password maybe must be written under the modem from your ISP.

I use ethernet cable also.

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I mean - as this fix worked for you I must add in that there is many players that have the issue on one computer in their network, but dont have the issue on another computer. So that 100% rules out the possibility of it “only” beeing router related.

Also stated way earlier - its completley irrelevant if its WIFI or Cable. The evidence is clear - it doesnt matter if the adapter is wifi/cable connected.

My idea is that by putting the router to bridge mode might make your network adapter communicate and behave differently to the router - therefore still the issue is how DE interacts with the network adapter - even though you could alternate its behavior by doing changes to your network.

People here have changed modems, reinstalled windows, updated their drivers, bought network adapters, used VPNs, thethered wifi and the list goes on. The only things that seems to make a difference is changing the way the network adapter works.

Your findings are still relevant and intresting - and gives more clues. I would maybe suggest that it could be how network adapter and the “firewall” of the router is working? Surley the major change of “bridge” mode is using a different router with a different firewall / portforwarding setup? Maybe it would be intresting to take ur router back to “router mode” and turn off firewall? Maybe do a “DMZ” test. To do this, activate DMZ - set ur IP adress manually to the DMZ adress and try?

Look forward to see what happens.

@Kz0rViSioN Turn off firewall I already tested before, it drops.

Now I tested DMZ, it dropped after 9 minutes.

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Well that rules out firewall then. Thx!

Eh, thought Ranked was safe. But nope. Just disconnected a 2v2.

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Played 6 games today, 3 of those games I disconnect after a few mintues. How is this not resolved yet, the game has been out almost 2 months now…


Looking for a fix too

Unqualified devs :slight_smile: 2 WHOLE MONTHS


Same here, all multiplayer games are exiting within the first 3-5 minutes with the message:

“You have been disconnected from the network. Please check your connection and try again”…

My internet connection works perfectly fine and i have no issues with any other multiplayer game ever. I’ve got good quality ping to UKWest.

Dev’s fix this ERROR!!! 2 Months now and I cannot play multiplayer at all.


im also getting crash to desktop ALOT, all of it started after the recent patch

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Ranked doesn’t seem to have this disconnect problem. It’s weird.

If I’m playing through the Lobby Browser I might get one game to get to the finish in one whole day. But no crashes in Ranked at all. Even in Ranked 4v4.

A solution in the mean time is just to play Ranked I guess.

EDIT ~ Ranked still crashes, nvm

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Appreciated it bro! Best of luck to you as well.

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The problem isn’t related to ranked/non ranked
Its just happens, randomly, any game - usually arround 5-10-20 min mark.
It most of the times “resets” the network adapter.
Pretty much the only stuff we know =P

Oi Hefty, tem mais novidades usando o modem em bridge? Acho que você deveria reportar melhor o problema com a Claro/NET num tópico separado, com mais especificidades detalhadas, já que parece que o caminho até a raíz do problema está se afunilando bastante.

Qual é o modelo do modem? Esse modem possui alguma feature específica? Como estão as configurações dele?

Uma vez eu tive um problema com um modem Oi/Velox em que a latência oscilava brusca e rapidamente na rota do modem ao PC de poucos em poucos segundos, tornando impossível jogar online. O que acontecia é que todos os circuitos virtuais permanentes (PVC) vinham ativados por padrão no modem, desativando-os o problema se resolve.

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@dededoritos o modelo do modem é HUMAX HGB10R-02. Já mexi em várias configurações dele e até momento o que deu certo foi colocar em modo bridge.

Você é usuário da Claro/NET? Qual seu modem?

The modem model is HUMAX HGB10R-02. I have already worked on several of his settings and so far what worked was to put in bridge mode.

Are you a member of Claro / NET? What is your modem?


Having the exact same problem. Game is up to date. My PC is more than capable of running the game. I can play half a dozen games in a row just fine, but then randomly it will crash on me in any given game.

Sometimes I get this message, other times it just crashes directly to the desktop. Never any warning signs. Just freezes up, then crash. This has been happening ever since the last major update. Very frustrating.

Has anyone found a fix?


Hi everyone same issue here. Play 10-15min and the game crashes saying that i had a connectivity problem which i never had… the internet is fine so it must be the game.

Does anyone have a solution? Happened 2 twice in a row…

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Não sou, mas acompanho esse problema aqui no fórum há semanas e percebi que ele se diferencia um bocado de quem usa outros ISPs. Por isso sugeri um tópico separado :blush:

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Hello everyone, I had this same problem on my girlfriend’s notebook (with cable), disconnecting every 5-10 minutes.

After following several discussions in this forum, I tried to use a VPN to try to solve the problem. And it worked.

We tested in two matches in which both were finished.

You need to install the (Betternet VPN), but after is only success. No mistake my friend.

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