Disconnect after few minutes playing multiplayer (Problem persists after update)

same here, im from argentina

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I disconnect and my age crashes every time as well. Even in a Standard Match. Someone please help me! :sob:


game* i meant…

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After Playing 5 to 8mins game crashes and in event log this shows up
i have Laptop Lenovo Y50-70 (i7 860m4gig 16gig ram)
this spec should be enough to run this game very smoothly
i also tried changing page file size but it does not help
please help Devs make some changes and fixes or patch this

- System

|||- Provider

[ Name ] Application Error

|||- EventID 1000

[ Qualifiers ] 0

Level 2

Task 100

Keywords 0x80000000000000

|||- TimeCreated

[ SystemTime ] 2020-01-06T07:16:25.287958100Z

EventRecordID 1026

Channel Application

Computer DESKTOP-I7UVB98


- EventData











C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\AoE2DE\AoE2DE_s.exe



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Guys… I installed the VPN Betternet. Without paying the premium version, just by installing it, I just did a bunch of games without DC… first time.

So go ahead, while the devs fix it! Thanks MAQUINA18TURBO above for the suggestion ! <3

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Making a short summary of the newest posts here:

  • It seems like certain VPNs - especially “Betternet VPN” seems to do the trick to avoid the issue for many people.

  • EDITED: Earlier I assumed that portforwarding/firewall could be ruled out - but maybe an interaction with Teredo makes this possible after all (Teredo=Xbox Live Connecting)

  • It seems to target even wider range of network adapters then recorded earlier.

  • The issue doesn’t occur every game, but alot still - so to test stuff!! -> Be sure to play more then 10 games to give viable data/feedback.

  • I really still don’t think its ISP related as its targeting people from all over the world, the range still increasing from feedback’s. Also we now have more recorded events of people having 2 computers in the same network and DE working fine on one computer but having the DC issue on the second. (This rules out ISP issues, even though who knows - maybe unique MAC addreses could be effected?

We do know that using VPN alternates the way network trafficking is handled by the network adapter (this is also why VPN creates a new “viritual” network adapter when u install it) - So I am still heavly leaning towards a hardware / software related issues on networks cards/adapters or drivers and its interaction with DE use of networking.

It would be nice to get another update from the devs at this stage - I mean - we clearly can understand that there is 1000’s of people with this issue. Its safe to say that there is likley that only a fraction of the people with issue has commented here and on steam. This is now full scale TITANIC =P

Looking forward for resolving this issue before sinking to the bottom of the ocean.

Kind regards Bergern

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@Kz0rViSioN I made a new change in my router to open ports. I went to the NAT option and set up virtual servers (I think it’s the same as Port Forwarding). I simply opened the ports of 1-65535 UDP, called it Teredo, and forwarded it to my IP. See image below

Now when I enter Windows Settings - Games - Xbox Network - Always appears connected (before opening the ports, it was always closed)

I played now 7 games on three different days, no drops yet.

The odd thing before doing this is that my router was already DMZ configured for my IP and UPnP was already enabled, so I think it should open ports automatically when an app / game runs.


VNP WINDSCRIBE solved my problem.

If it depended on this administration, it would never seem to be resolved.

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This is very intresesting - So is there a possiblity that AOE2 - DE uses the XBOX networking system?

Could anyone from the DE team or DEVS confirm if this is the case?!

In what case - what port would Teredo need?

My game works perfectly - never had the disconnect issue myself personaly - but my teredo connecting when I check says its not very functionally? =P asdf

So this makes me more confused. If DE uses teredo - why on earth does it work for me when my teredo think its blocked =P

Your router UPnP may work properly.
When you open the game, it detect the port and open automatically.

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Very nice - So do we know that AOE DE uses Teredo - and if yes - Then I think you might have nailed a possible cause of issue. UPnP failure and other issues in tandem with Teredo.

Hi I have purchased both AOE definitive editions. Both crash, and there is no way to actually progress through the scenarios even at the easy level. I have upgraded my computer, but the problems still persist. Disappointed that they don’t work. AOL 2013 works well. I find that the introduction is too long and slow to load, please someone with the inside with steam could these editions actually get fixed.
Thanks Linda.

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How is it possible for a game to still have so many connection issues! it is like we back in 1999 ffs! 5 mins in and poepel start crashing EVERY SINGLE! ■■■■■■■ GAME!


Just an update: So in multiplayer I always disconnect at 5 minutes in, though I caught wind of the VPN trick and I’ve actually been able to finish a game. It might be too early in my testing to say it’s perfect, but when I didn’t disconnect almost felt weird haha

Starting to get these crashes (with and without Windows error message) and out of syncs more often as well.

After 1 month without this problem, it happened again now. When it has stopped, i thought it was because of the update i’ve made in the network adapter from Intel. But, don’t know why, happened again! Just to keep the devs informed…

This is the exact reason I say some people are never happy.
HD is known by all community members to be buggy as ■■■■.

Now that we have a remastered version with issues, they praise HD. Pick a side please, DE is the best AOE2 version out there, though needs improvements for sure

how so explain? because last time i checked once in a blue moon something crazy happened where as DE 1 in 3 games something happens
aoe2 is how old?
DE is how old ? :thinking:
mmmm good one
DE no doubt is better clearly it’s made in 2019 bud
but rather a full game without getting booted once every 3 games
clearly hasn’t happened to you so your opinion is invalid
is hasn’t been like a week all this has been happening
its been happening for a good month

It did, but HD is way more unstable than DE

And between the hotfix and December update, the game was actually very good for me

Not just because of that though, the performance and features in DE is better. Now, don’t get me wrong AoC is still a legend but DE is beating it. Need to be more patient for better updates.

Still though, DE needs performance updates