Disconnect upon completion of skirmish vs AI after completing Clever Commerce

Immediately get a disconnected screen upon finishing a 3v3 skirmish vs AI with completion of food accrual more than 5k in game for an hour plus but system didn’t recognise the French Mastery Achievement on Clever Commerce but system recognised Do you Deliver steam achievement only …

Keep getting error code when trying to reconnect from the notification panel.
Error Code: C00T01R-1X-1652656c6900F7

Hey @mTQTm! Was your mastery ever recognized? Do you know if you aged up to Age 3, or only Age 2?

Are you still having issues with that error code?

the disconnect issue no longer persist, it is ok for now so far. I recall I didn’t age up to 3 but it’s ok I’ve redone the mastery again at age 2 n got it

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