Discount for owners of the original AOE3 CDs?


Are there any plans to give owners of the original CDs of AOE3 and it’s expansions a discount similar to the owners of the AOE3 Complete Edition on Steam?

I mean I own the original 3 CDs for the main game, and as well one for each expansion. That’s in total 5 CDs, and I was kind of shocked when there wasn’t a discount announced for the owners of the original game.

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If you purchased the original game on steam you get a discount. I don’t think there are any other discounts available. The DE version is only $20.

Sadly there is no discount of owners of OG disk versions, wich I kind of think it’s some disregard for the people who backed the series in those times where the only advantage of buying the original software was playing online ranked matches.

AOE3 had CD Keys. Those keys could be used as one-time-only discount vouchers on Steam or MS Store.

But by the way the band is playing, there is zero interest on this strategy.