"Discover the Map" Command for Scouts

It would be cool if they added a feature like “Discover the Map” for scouts in AoEII:DE, like in Rise of Nations. While it’d decrease the micro you do, it would be still useful. And of course it would be fully optional for those like micromanaging their scouts. I mean, after you finish your first build, the scouts would have been ordered to automaticaly discover the map. If you agree or think that it would not suit AoEII gamestyle, please comment and share your opinions.


It would lose the essence of exploring the map and discovering enemies and resources.


Scouting is an interesting minigame in AOE and should stay. Especially interesting is to scout campaign scenarios. Never know, what might find :smiley:


In my opinion I think they should leave it as is. As it brings another element of skill to the game.


I think more than anything it could be a crutch for newer players to rely on when focusing on their economy. It would still be beneficial for players to control the scout themselves to search out specific aspects of the map more quickly. Not to mention just letting the scout do its own thing could end up getting it killed pretty easily too. I just know that when I was starting out in AOE intensive scouting felt like a chore that was distracting from initial set up. I don’t see how adding this feature could hurt the game.


please no, it will to ruin the feel made by the original.

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I think this is a great idea. Though I don’t like the messy feeling of having it be arbitrarily only for scouts; just leave it as a generic command for all units.

People will be afraid that this takes away from the feel/skill of the game, but I don’t think this is a problem: just make sure the auto-scouting is relatively random and not very smart (but still functional). It’s important that players are always rewarded by better results, even in low/mid level games, if they choose to take manual control.

With the above in mind this feature should have some positive impact:

  1. It will give new players a low-effort way to get some basic scouting results. My prediction is that this will actually increase interest in active scouting. New players will see the value in the info they’re getting from the auto-scout and be itching to make manual adjustments in order to improve efficiency (like stopping it from running past sheep, or sending it to likely locations of the enemy base). Over time they’ll grow to use manual scouting more and more.
  2. It will passively, but slightly, increase the value a really bad player can contribute to a team; thus making outliers somewhat less of a burden in public team games.
  3. Mid-level players will be able to rely on multiple trash units to auto-scout in the lategame. More vision and more emphasis on map control to kill scouts will significantly open up these games to use the entire map and to play on multiple fronts; which is wonderful since mid-level games usually suffer from severe tunnel-vision which is often not very fun even for the players.
  4. It will barely impact high-level games at all. Manual scouting will always be better for those that are good enough to juggle it. Sending several units on random scout trips is both unreliable and a unnecessary cost that shouldn’t be viable past mid-level skills.

if i remember correctly the game rise of nations had this option.

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i personally don’t think it should be added but you make a very clever and well articulated argument, now i am on the fence about it. well done : )

Well, didn’t they had command queue? or that’s only for buildings and not units movement?