Discrimination against the Xbox Store

ever since the game was released on Xbox, I have been kicked out of rooms just because of the Xbox logo. Most of the time, I am not even able to explain that I am not playing on an Xbox, but rather that I purchased the game on the Windows Store. Sometimes, the title even explicitly states “no Xbox”.

I can’t host any more because lot of people doens’t join the room. My room can be filled at 6/8 and a steam identical room with 2/8 will fill quicker.


I think the game should differentiate between controller and M&K users instead

The Steam vs Microsoft logo seems completely useless to me tbh


Yeah same. I play on steam but I wish to tell apart PC player on Microsoft store, or Xbox player, for obvious reason for team balance. Now the xbox and MS store PC player share the same logo

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I can tell you it is not just the xbox store. It is the lobby in general. As Steam user i get kicked all the time as well for no reason at all. It is full of toxic hosts/players. You are much better of in playing on the ranked ladder. It is just a much smoother proces to play in ranked…

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Try to find a lobby with in the tittle “No steam” as you can find for “no xbox”

That’s indeed pointless. What should be indicated is whether you play on a controller or mouse + keyboard.

I left the lobby behind a long time ago, because it just didnt work for me at all. It was already years ago i left trying out the lobby. Last time i tried i didnt get into a match in over 30 minutes. Then i went straight back to ranked.

Lobby is mainly for playing tournaments, community games, with friends only, … Stuff like that. Otherwise you are just better off in ranked. Ranked is much better balanced (most of the time), you can get into a new game much quicker as well. You dont have to deal with noob hosts going AFK or host kicking players randomly. All in all, the lobby is a toxic place to play with unknown players.

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