Discuusing AoE


AoE series/franchies are the only ever in the world of rts. The only thing that rest of the poorer messy rts like command and conquerors took the lead because AoE series can’t able to agggrisviely market it’s brand. AoE series are of higest quality light and brighter graphics as compared to the rest of the rts out there. Anno, Sim, Stronghold, Empire Earth, Civilisation, command n conquers, warhammer, total war series, settlers etc are mere turn based, fantsy, futuristic etc unrealistic games with poor graphics, messy details and got bugs. AoE runs smooth then any other rts out there. AoE consists highly tactical, stragitical, constructive gameplay ever. AoE is the most realistic, historical, accurate rts ever as compared to other rts. The only counterpart to AoE series is Rise of Nations series. Microsoft Studios, Relic Entertainment and Big Huge games deserves all the credit. One important suggestion for the future AoE IV is to include 20th and 21st ages. I will also suggest that relic entertainment and big huge games must coorporate with each other to revive the fracnhise of Rise of Nation (RoN) as RoN 2, RoN 3 etc. Microsoft Studios has the best quality, windows friendly rts ever as compared to other companies!!!



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