Disgusting patch

Thanks devs for this. You could just as well discontinue the game and make us all play the rubbish Age IV.

If you like monks in arena, too bad, one enemy scout will destroy you no matter what.

If you don’t like open maps, too bad; no viable walling for you. As well as no way to ban all open maps in the ranked queue. Oh! And don’t even think of quitting after a map is assigned or resigning instantly, you’ll be punished.

You are forced to embrace the enemy inside your town as if you were playing Age IV with no walling with buildings. Little by little they are taking all the fun from the old good game to level the field for the new garbage, hoping you pay the outrageous amount of 60€ for a game that shouldn’t even be a beta at it’s current state.


or you could guard your monks with a few spears.

walling will still be the default go to strategy in the game, even after this nerf.


If you have to invest 175 extra wood for barracks + some extra farms to be able to afford the spears, you are much better off just going for another strat, as you are too late to be competitive. Full monks is no longer a viable start.

So you go to Castle age, make a monastery and send monks on their own to pick up the relics? What are you expecting? Scouts are supposed to be resistant to conversion. If you are able to convert them they are not resistant at all! ¯_(ツ)_/¯ What kind of Arena are you playing where the relics aren’t being guarded?


I mean full monk strat. Not individual monks going after the relics, but rather groups of 4 or more monks that should be able to convert scouts losing at most 1 monk.

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lol keep sneeding

its a great patch, salute to the devs


“It’s a great patch because they made MY prefered way of playing the game more viable whilst completely destroying other’s prefered way to play. If you don’t play like me, you should not play MY game.”

That’s a great way to see the world… MbL would be proud.

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Besides monk conversions on scout line being more consistent (reliant on skill, not luck) you didn’t point anything relevant gameplay-wise.

The new matchmaking is a pain in the… we all know that. But give it time, next patch they will fix it. Try queueing for team games on 2.5k+ and you will see why we don’t want infinite bans. After 10 minutes in the queue you will play even an archipelago with aztecs if it means playing anything at all.

So far the devs have listened. Be patient.


Oh sure… Not being able to wall in arabia or completely killing one of the oldest strattegies in arena is not “relevant gameplay-wise”…

I don’t want infinite bans. I just want to be able to play the strat I’ve been playing for ages. How do you think Hoang would feel about making all TCs outrange mangonels?

If you were really playing the game for a decent time you would be used to there being patches that changes stuff. It’s called balance. Just because you like a certain way to play like being fully walled on the most iconic open map doesn’t mean it’s good balance. Get used to it or you will be disgusted every couple months.

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If ranked Arabia is literally the same as KotD Arabia, then each player has a 1/8 chance to spawn with a wallable base with 4 woodlines. I don’t know if there are map gens that are less optimal for walling, but still doable (i.e. semi-open, but plenty of back resources, or a far away enemy starting base.)


Monks are already skill, monk micro is insanely hard and scouts had a conversion resistance already. Monks are slower, slower created and cost more + they cost gold which isn’t renewable in 1v1’s. I don’t know why they had to change it in the first place, monk siege were rarely seen outside of arena.

Monks need constant babysitting, don’t start converting a scout at the edge of monk range and you lose it. You can’t manage your eco as carefree as scout players. Now they literally take ages to convert. Previously you could tease monks just back and forth and if he player didn’t pay attention you could go in, if he did you would just retreat with 0 chance of conversion

This change just further removes skill from this already beaten up game.
I am with OP here, and i played this game for years before DE


It’s fine then, 1 in 8 chance I get an acceptable map is perfectly reasonable :slight_smile:

Still not solving the arena full monk build, though.

Gross dramatisation of the wall nerf + somehow thinking that adding spears to monk is not viable on arena (spoiler: it’s meta af) = good laugh

Btw scouts aren’t even straight buffed since while it might no longer be possible to get random insta conversions it’s not possible to have scouts that just won’t be converted before killing 4 monks either.

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It takes at least 8 vululus to convert a scout no matter how many monks you use. Before you would convert in 5 or 6 maximum when having more than 4 monks.

I’m losing 20+ monks for 3 conversions now, whilst I was getting 20+ conversions in exchange for 5 monks just 24h ago!

So you thought 5 monks converting 20+ units that are supposed to counter them was fair and balanced? 5 scouts should beat 5 monks. Plain and simple. Otherwise how else are cav civs supposed to beat monks?


Who said it’s 20 converted scouts? It was usually villagers, pikes and some eventual scouts. The idea behind the built is to convert enemy production buildings to avoid having to deal with enemy scouts. But if 1 scout can kill a 5 monk group, the entire strat is gone.

Counter to this strat was usually towers, castles or mass scouts. So where’s the problem with cavalry civs?

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If you’re losing 5 monks to 1 scout it sounds like bad play to me. A couple cheap spears will defend them for days.

Even without spears I call bull on you saying 5 monks can’t convert 1 scout before all 5 die.

It’s like saying that 5 paladins should lose to 1 halberdier if you don’t add a couple skirms to beat the halb…

Maybe 1 scout vs 5 monks is an exageration… make it 2 scouts. 0 conversions, 5 dead monks.