Display Timer Trigger Effect Not Working Properly

Working with the Scenario Editor I’ve encounter what appears to be a bug. The “Display Timer” Effect does not seem to work properly. There are three options, Years, Seconds, Minutes and none of them seem to work with or without text added. They don’t appear properly on the side. Seconds and Years don’t appear at all and Minutes always counts down from 60 in game seconds.

Strange, in my scenario it works, which I created about two weeks ago and it worked fine today aswell.

Its ok I have written 60 triggers each for each minute from 60 to 1 for 60 minutes, the seconds are working so no problem with seconds, ty

With the display timer trigger, you need to include %d in your text where you want the time to appear. If you want to use minutes, you would put 1 in the field for one minute, but if you were using minutes + seconds, you would put 90 for a minute and a half.