Diverse Pigmentation proposal for AoE II: DE Units

Probably not more than playing Malians or Ethiopians with fully Caucasian ethnicity outside of UU (and maybe Trade Carts?).

I do think eventually, it would be nice for military units to also receive appropriate skins, perhaps even to the point of changing armour.

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If such a change happens i want it to be purely client side.

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IDK, nobody is saying Aztec Monks are not readable, so I dunno. I think you can design the units in a way that the silhouette looks the same, but the ‘gear’ is different. When they did the events and I got the Legionary (or the Princess Yodit for Gbeto) installed, is where I started having problems with reading the game.

I’m sure they can keep the silhouette/model the same while bringing in more appropriate skins.

because it still more or less looks like a monk, and has a stick in its hand.

I still say client side only. that way everyone wins.

I decided to do another version of this, but with different costumes for villagers from each region (drew them myself). The default villager skins already in the game would go to all the European civilizations.

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If they’re going to do this at all, they might as well do it well, not just change the shading on units which could be done by amateur modders with minimal effort. This means regional attire, and appropriate phenotypes. Even so, just added a filter that changes skin/hair tone would be a good intermediate step, and would be incredibly easy.

I think the community has always been ready for it. (I’ve never been aware of anyone saying they didn’t want it, or resisting the idea for anything but logistical reasons).

You may be taking this game a little too seriously.

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Great suggestions here. I really hope they’ll implement something along these lines at some point in time. It would make AoE 2 better than 4 in all regards :slight_smile:

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