Diversifying existing umbrella civs is still possible

If the leaked AOE2 new DLC is true (where they added a few civs in the Indian subcontinent and renamed the previous umbrella “Indians” to Hindustani), then diversifying existing umbrella civs could now be considered for AOE3 also.
Right now there are mostly two civs where people are constantly asking: Germans and Indians.
I’m thinking of a practical way to split them with minimal work and without significantly changing the original civ.


  1. This is just a proposal
  2. The biggest consideration here is practicality. So historical inaccuracy (like “Germans” lacking musketeers, or sowars being camel riders) will not be addressed.


The civ is now by all means more HRE than Prussian. In fact very few elements of this civ are Prussian, except Berlin, Fredrick the Great and needle gunner.

  • Change the name to Habsburgs or HRE
  • Change “Prussian needle gunner” to something relevant like Landesschützen
  • Change the capital to Vienna and make a new leader
  • Make uhlan a “semi” unique unit like cav archer or javelin rider (this is not necessary but people may want Prussians to have uhlans also)
  • Make a new Prussian civ with Berlin and Fredrick the Great

Result: the original German civ is not changed at all.


This civ is mostly based on the Mughals (flag, leader, most units, mansabdar).

  • Change the name to Mughals
  • Find a way to handle urumi (this unit is ot Mughal but plays an important role in game, and I can’t really think of a good way to reskin it)
  • Maybe reskin/rename zamburak and give the original zamburak to a potential Persian civ because this weapon is mostly famously used by Persians
  • Make a new Maratha civ (maybe)

Result: urumi may be changed. All the rest remain the same because the “Indian” civ is basically Mughals.


Yo igual pienso lo mismo pero que lo implementen es harina de otro costal amigo

For Germans, I think it would be best to rename them Austrians and have the needle gunners become Pandurs. Uhlans were used by lots of European powers, but they make the most sense as units for Prussia, Austria, and Poland.

Mughals need to be given an actual cannon to be anywhere near accurate. Cannons could fill the gap of Urumi, or Urumi could just become a mercenary unit and be largely left as is. Zamburaks are fine for Mughals, they could be a shared unit for Mughals, Persia, and Oman.

My preferred second Indian civ would be Mysore with their awesome rockets. Marathas were only around for a small portion of the timeline between overthrowing the Mughals and British conquest. I think the best way to portray them would be as revolution option for the Mughals.

AoE2 is getting India split up, so now would be a great time for AoE3 as well.

For euro civs, the easiest thing would be to modify revolutions or add revolutions to match each individual subgroup.

Splitting civs in aoe2 is trivial. This isn’t the same in aoe3.

Yeah so both “splits” come with a new civ. Those could be potential future DLC contents.