Divide the umbrella civilization of the Slavs: Russians, Ukrainians, Serbs, Vlachs

A DLC arround the Black Sea: Armenians, Georgians, Vlachs, and renaming Slavs to Rus, simple and beautiful.

If we really, realy need a South Slavic civilization other than the Bulgarians, then the Croatians are really good because their naval indentity is rare in that region. And this can give the DLC a good title: Antemurae Christianitatis, to symbolize the history of these civilizations fighting against the invasion of Muslim power.

PS. Even if there will be no Croatians, the DLC still can be simply named Bulwark of Christendom.

Not really,

Slavs civ fit perfectly for representong medieval Rus principalities

to split Slavs to moder nation ukraine is non-sense

I guess you’re right about Africa being represented

But it’s very poorly so

And also, medieval African nations aren’t the same as modern ones. Something called Scramble for Africa kinda happened.

Anyway, I have nothing against a Slav split, but personally I just want a rename of the Slavs and a separate Wallachian/Vlach to go along with the Dracula campaign.

That is, AoK at the civs level starts after the fall of Rome, but at the campaign level it starts in the 12th century (Frederick Barbarossa)…

Yes, of course… that’s what I mean… but it’s normal in what the saga is…

Yes, it seems good to me…

They won’t name a DLC with any religious terminology.

But it is also a historical term.

Anyway you can still name it Bulwarks of Black sea or any other like to refer this theme.

In fairy tails we can often see bogatyrs who are an unreal super-verison of vityazes. Bogatyr means smth like “rich one” but rich with force, not money.

Bogatyr derives from the Turkic word Baghatur, meaning hero
Bogatyrs like Alyosha Popovich, Dobrynya Nikitich, Svyatogor, Ilya Muromets, were folk heroes akin to Hercules, Odysseus, and Theseus from the Greek myths

Yes, they could appear in AoE 2 DE or AoM Retold…