DIY some new civs!


Cavalry and naval civilization

·start with -1 villager but all resources +60
·after military units finish creating,return 10% of their cost in Castle Age and 15% in Imperial Age
·Does no more damage to your cavalry than 175% of attack of the enemy units or buildings

unique techs
Mercantilism(markets have double work rate )(200F300G)
Ocean navigator(galleys shoot two projectiles)(1200W500G)

team bonus
galleys +1 range



Infantry civilization

·villages only take half a population slot
·technologies in mill,lumbercamp and mining camp cost -75%
·wall +4 line of sight

unique techs
Stone house(the enemy units’ bonus attack vs. buildings is halved.)(600F200S)
Migration(villagers move 20% faster)(200F500G)

team bonus
houses built +50% faster


Infantry civilization

·villagers created 25% faster
·the cost of units’upgrade -15% in Castle Age and -25% in Imperial Age
·villagers walk less during farming

unique techs
Corn God(eagle warriors move 20% faster and +4 LOS)(500F300G)
Pottery(work rate of villagers +25%)(800F600W)

team bonus
units created In castles +10% HP


Archer and naval civilization

·repair cost -50%
·galleys cost -40% gold in Castle Age and -80% gold in Imperial Age
·mill,lumbercamp and mining camp provide +5 population

unique techs
Gunpowder blasting(petards +50 HP and return 60% of their cost when killed)(400F300G)
Elastic palm wood(trebuchet fire 40% faster)(200W800G)

team bonus
trebuchet +2 range


Archer and naval civilization

·technologies research +33% faster in Feudal Age,+66% faster in Castle Age and +100% faster in Imperial Age
·market techs 50% cheaper
·archer range units move 15% faster
·wolves and other beasts will not pursue villagers

unique techs
Trade wind(transport ship and trade cog move 20% faster)(200F200G)
Ship repairing division(ships regenerate +1HP/3.5s)(800W400G)

team bonus
galleys attack +3 vs. fire ships


Infantry and archer civilization

·houses cost -40% in Dark Age and -60% starting in Feudal Age
·archer range units +1 pierce armor in Castle Age and +1 melee armor in Imperial Age
·Infantry +2.5% of health limit of cavalry attack vs. cavalry per age

unique techs
Curse(Enemy monks will die immediately after they successfully convert our unit or building)(200F600G)
Tithe(Each time a player other than you trades in the market, you gain 10% of target resource)(400F400G)

team bonus
upgrades of units research +33% faster


Cavalry and monk civilization

·repairers work 100% faster
·when buildings are completed, 10% of the resources will be returned in Castle Age and 15% of the resources will be returned in Imperial Age
·town center +2 range
·start with a scout cavalry and a eagle warrior

unique techs
Sundance(after a successful conversion,monks will gain 25 faith at once )(100F100G)
Rover(cavalry and eagle warrior attack 15% faster)(500F500G)

team bonus
monks +3 LOS

Olmecs and Nubian are bit ancient to AoE 2

Lakota don’t have horses before the discover of new world.

If they add the Dutch, they also need a special bonus through their unique windmill technology. Actually the windmill itself is not a Dutch invention, but they made them so much better and more efficient as giant multi-purpose usage tool. For that reason you still find those types everywhere around the word. A giant Dutch windmill could be their wonder. Also it kept the steam machine usage out for long time. We were late industrializing using the steam machine.wind-mills-in-Amsterdam

Nubians existed in the middle ages.

Sure that Malians cover Songhai

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Gunpowder civilization

·start +100 wood and +100 stone
·for every blacksmith technology researched, the speed of the gunpowder units +1.5%
·wonder cost -35% and is built 35% faster
·start with a scout cavalry and a eagle warrior

unique techs
Union of tribes(wonder +50% HP,relic and wonder victories take -50 years to complete)
Uprising leader(cancel the enemies’s attack bonus to your hand cannoneer and Rebel alliance)

team bonus
walls are built 100% faster

Historically, the Malians wiped out the Songhai people, to be exact.These two civilizations have existed at the same time for a while.

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The windmill is very beautiful, but it’s a bit strange that if the wonder of the Netherlands is this.

And Still existed… The point is use the correct name.

same as Lakota they havent gunpower by their own. Sounds AoE III

No, actually from historical point of view it’s not. Without the usage of windmills the low lands would still be to swampy and wet to live in. We used windmills for water management too. 26% of my country is below sea level and 29% is close to rivers that can and do flood now and then.

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That is a bit too far ahead on the timeline. They’re fitting for AOE3, but not AOE2.

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Let’s not bring AOE3 civs to AOE2…

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That doesn’t include Boars right?