DLC Concept - The Chinese Kingdoms

Theoretical DLC.

Focuses on archery and cavalry units.

Focuses on cavalry units.

Focuses on infantry and monks.


Han (formerly Chinese)
Leave everything as it as, except for the civ name.

More elaborate details to be updated soon.


Maybe adding BBC and Hand Cannoneer to Han but remove their Camel, Cavalry Archer,

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Maybe split the tech discount bonus in Units upgrades and technologies properly speaking. So, the nowadays Chineses could keep the discount in techs but give the discount for units’ upgrades to Jurchens, for example.
And maybe buff a little the discount to compensate.

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Just throwing out a bunch of names feels really lazy and incomplete. If you’re going to fill this out with civ stats then great

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Read my post. I will update it with more info later okay?

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Read my post carefully. I will update it later, as I am busy with other things at the moment.

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There’s nothing wrong with the Chinese name. No need to change it


not to be that mean, but why not just hold off on the post and upload it together? This just makes people annoyed and many people who originally saw the thread don’t check up again on it later when its updated because they think they’ve already read it, or they continuously check up on it to see if u finally update it but its not being updated.

if i recall, all civs other than the 3 american civs + bohemians have either ele archer or calv archer. So keeping calv archer makes sense imo.


The Chinese don’t need to be renamed, otherwise we might as well start renaming all civs based on their predominant ethnic group (Byzantines to Greeks anyone?), but otherwise, good ideas. What campaigns would you include?


Why rename Chinese civ to Han when over 90% of Chinese are Han???

Uighurs, Jurchens and Tibetans are interesting, but I think it would be better to break these DLCs into two smaller ones:

  1. Nomadic DLC (with Nomadic Architecture Set) - Uighurs and Jurchens civs
  2. Himalayas DLC (with Himalayas Architecture Set) - Tibetans and Nepalese civs

This way, if there were two DLCs instead of one, it would be an opportunity to add two brand new Architeecture Sets to the game - because these civs deserve it. Without Nomadic architecture, there is no point in adding more Nomads, and without Himalayan architecture, there is no point in adding Tibetans.


I nearly forgot about one drawback: censorship laws in China, so yeah these civs won’t happen anytime soon.