DLC Content

i just want to considerer the fact that in the next DLCs you can add some graphic features.

  1. Create new skins on the architecture for the old civs, all the new one has their own style, could be nice to see those changes in the old civs.
  2. Include some skins to units based on their region.
  3. Review the bonus of the civis, i know the game quite balcen right now, but some civs like persians, ethiopians or huns have 2 or 3 bonus while civs like teuton have 6, that without mencion the TG bonuses, and tech avalaible.
  4. Could be nice to have some new content like “advances techniques” where players can do some challenges time to time.
  5. Dont know how much Quick Play are used but i think it not worth too much.

Maybe you can check some of that, some of the players will love that, adding civs is not the only facts we are looking in the game