DLC loading crashes

This is a very strange thing that just occurred and it does not seem normal.

Before acquiring the Return of Rome DLC, I have all three previous DLCs loaded - Lords of the West, Dawn of the Dukes and Dynasties of India - and they all played and ran perfectly fine.

However, after RoR was installed, I decided to go back to these DLCs, however the minute I click on any one of the campaign icons after getting to their world tab, I am met with a black screen and a forever loading stage, when I usually expect a second or two of it before being met with the campaign trail. I had no way of getting out of it other than quitting the game outright.

I feel like there is something wrong and I would really appreciate the help, thank you.

P.S I use Microsoft not Steam.

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Yeah, this is a problem with the MS Store version of the game. The DLC campaigns don’t work in the current patch.

I haven’t seen any comments by the developers on this issue being fixed. Hopefully it’s in the hotfix their pushing, and just not in the patch notes since the PUP was on Steam.

Unfortunately I don’t know of a workaround at the moment.

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Okay, it seems that whatever today’s update did has worked and now I can open and play the DLC campaigns like normal again! :smiley: