DLC name just added!

Dude, had you ever imagined such a surprise for us poor AoE3 fans?

can’t really blame him to be fair, it does help to bring some publicity to the game itself


i’ll be fair, despite seeing entire new tabs being added to UI files last patch, i didn’t see an asian dynasties scale euro expansion coming, expected just italy with some battles

Yeah maybe some of his AOE4 fanbase will watch the video and become interested in 3.


any other cards? 20 char

I don’t have the preview version so no idea.
He just clicked into France and left and that’s the only new card I saw.

is there an open beta for the new dlc? i just got the game but would love to test it not only YouTubers are fans

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nope, they never do that.

It seems its not a new card, just the age2 skirms card with a new name and art.

Saw a lot of them commenting about how 3 looks so much better than 4, graphically.


At the time of African Royals, it was possible to see the new civs with the PuP.


but not play as them.

A big letdown for me are the designs/graphics.

It’s not game breaking but they are definitely unpleasan for me.

This cartoonish-y style would suit AOM/AOT but definitely not AOE. Even AOE2:DE feels more “alive” than AOE4 for me. Not sure why this decision was made after AOE Online.

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Excited for the new dlc. Already preordered


Yes, i heared somewhere there will be PUP at May 19th including the News civs as AI

I have to say, AOM has a more “realistic” style :no_mouth:
At least it did not have big white plastic weapons and differently scaled houses with walls for dwarves (even though actual dwarves are in the game).

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