DLC Patch unsubscribes players from Mods

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Kinda hard statement for a game with that many bugs in every single patch, dont you think so? Also it seems like no bug report ever gets viewed… but well, lets continue with the real report

  • GAME BUILD #: DLC Patch of 25.01.2021
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

Well as I played the first mission of the new event (win as japanese…) in SP I recognized the big trees, so I looked into the mod manager and clicked on subscribe to the small tree mod (which was installed and subbed since, well almost a year). After that trees again had a reasonable size. So I went into a lobby for CBA, and host tried to find hos CBA file, but was not able to. So I hosted my own, just to see that I also have no access to it. So again mod manager and subbed again (it still was under installed mods, but I had to tick it).
While being there I felt big pain because of the, to this game exclusive invention of menulag. Man the mod manager laggs so extreme, it can not be fun at all using that thing, so first there is a bug (mods get unsubbed), and then you have to feel the whole pain of this menu (dont know if that is new, cant remember mod manager being sooo laggy)

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  • 100% of the time / matches I play (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Be subscribed to a mod
  2. Update to new Patch
  3. Try a game where you can see if you are still subbed (like any game with small trees, or hosting a custom scenario)

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Uhh is this category new? Well, what I think should happen is not being unsubscribed from mods, I also guess that this is what most costumers (maybe I have to stress that the players of aoe2 are customers, that want to not face a quadrillion new bugs every patch…) expect.
Also another thing I suppose should happen is thinking about how devs can improve quality assurance, if present.

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Devs at the release notes said this was a new feature. this is to avoid incompatability with 3rd party modes. I know there is a small lag when re-subscribing to a mod, but if you click a few at once you only lag once.


i have over a hundred suscriped mods, many with so miliar effects which i tinkered to find the best ones for may teatses. now they are all inactive and i have no idea which ones i was using. I am quite annoyed and hope thtat there is some kind of restore file writen by the game…

ALso why cant the game auto queue check for updates for all mods yet. unnesessary work for the user.

i did find the mod-status.json but there is no backup… goddamit

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But even the official small trees mod got disabled. Well thanks, this should be the solution, but I am still kinda not amused about this issue…

Good luck, have fun man. At least I only need my small trees (but also have 80 mods in the list I have tried out) and some maps/scenarios