DLC suggestion: Unique Castle designs for each civ

I’m glad that I meet the new DLC this time with Sicilians and Burgundians.
They have their own Castle designs.

So, I want to suggest unique Castle designs for each civilization.

Maybe, original common designs would go unique their root civilizations. For example, East Asian castles would be suitable for Japanese unique castles. Or, all of them could be renewed.

How would it be? I think it’s a small but good DLC. However, maybe, some civs without any historical fortresses, especially nomadic civs, would have no choice but to depend on creation.


I would have prefered they keep the standard castles of their respective architecture.

But it is done now. FE doesn’t go back, so now the best I can hope is to give every civ a unique castle. Huns’ and Cumans’ castles could be their current version but in ruins and with some yurts inside, kind of the Cuman wonder.


I also think this would be a good idea. The only civ apart from Sicilians & Burgundians that has a unique castle is the Indians (being the only civ that uses the South Asian architecture set). I also wonder if the Sicilian castle might be better suited for the other Southern European civs? The current “square” one took the base of the Celtic wonder…

A new architecture set DLC could be nice too.


I wouldn’t say every civilisations need their own Castle but some variation would be nice.
A Byzantine church should look different from an Italian one.
Houses could look different for some civilisations.


I think it’s Fair that each and every civ have their own unique castle architecture. Bothers me that only the New DLC civs have their own unique castle (sicilians, burgundians, poles and bohemians). I think it’s a easy fix, and dont chance the gameplay.


It should be a free update, considering how few new graphics we got with LotW and DotD


Just doing a different castle and wonder for new civis is an economical choice more than anything.
More building and unit skins are always welcome.


I remember suggesting this with another cosmetic change, adding the civ shields to things like gates & towers as well as castles so you can identify the civs easily. At least this idea has been taken on board for the Poles and Bohemians’ unique Castles.


Placeable flags for each civilisation in the editor at the least would be good.