DLSS & FSR would be great to see and maybe necessary

More and more games and developers are opting for artificial intelligence algorithms like DLSS, I do not see why this should not be in AoE IV Who would not want more frames per second? Since I’ve seen that this game gives a lot of problems even to the mid-range RTX as a 2060/3050, since this game in the engine almost a year after its launch still has the problem of the massive fall of fps when you drag the camera across the map, Although the devs once said that this was fixed and it was not so, the problem is still there, and not to mention if you play in areas of open sea, or if we add both. DLSS can mitigate a little this generating perhaps greater stability for about 60 stable frames. I hope developers will consider adding these algorithms so you can get to have even a better experience. Otherwise we hope to have in the future perhaps a “real” hotfix of those frame drops with the camera and the water terrain. And also alternatives like NIS or FSR for those who do not have dedicated hardware. In addition XESS is getting closer, although everything related to rasterized continues to fulfill its purpose we do not have to leave aside what is the future, and artificial intelligence algorithms are.


DLSS is amazing these days. It can improve both frame rate and image quality at the same time due to it reconstructing such a high resolution image then downsampling. I imagine the engine doesn’t support it at the moment, so it’s a question of priorities relative to other improvements the engine team want to make. It would be great to have it in the game.

Hope, devs will add AMD FSR feature in future