DM lobby visibility is now near zero

Not sure why lobby for ranked DM has been separated from the normal game list, but getting a game full can take more than an hour

This was never the case before the update

Not sure why this decision was made to make 2 separate filters for deathmatch, but this seems to be a terrible idea that makes non-RM modes even more hard to play


Its fine as it is asdasdda

its either you are trolling or you dont even play DM

this forum is just getting worse and worse


To add to the problem, every time you return to the lobby it defaults back to “unranked” and you have to keep changing it back to “ranked 1v1 DM”.

Personally I think it should all be in the same lobby list and you can use filters to display or remove ranked games. Just like the “cheats” “Data Mod” “Spectators” “Password” check boxes in your screen shot.


I’d agree to have it list all lobbies as the default and then for more refined ‘unranked/ranked etc’ one would refer to that menu.

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Most of the filters on the right are unused anyways except for game-mode

I wonder if anyone is using game speed / map style filtering at all

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